Devoting countless hours to a school sport is a major commitment for any student— especially when paired with maintaining grades and friendships. Nevertheless, many CHS athletes have enrolled in school sports for all three seasons.

One of those dedicated “Iron Jags” is junior Gabby Adams. Juggling basketball, soccer and track, Adams has a lot on her plate. A balanced agenda becomes one of the most important things for any three-sport athlete, and it’s important not to get overbooked.

Keeping up with one sport, not to mention three, can be pretty tough at times. There are practices five times a week, games, less time for homework, sharing practice spaces with other teams and the stress of competition that can all take a toll on a student.

However, despite her busy schedule, Adams encourages all student-athletes to stick with the team, even when keeping up with sports gets difficult. School sports allow for students to make friends, have time outside of school to destress, and to get involved in extracurriculars. “It’ll definitely be worth it in the end,” she said.

Friends can make playing sports a lot more fun, too. A lot of Adams’ motivation to keep going comes from Coach Clanton and the seniors on her soccer team. “[The seniors] have been really nice,” said Adams.

She also finds that participating in multiple sports has its benefits. Adams feels a sense of commitment, which helps with life outside of school. “Players have to learn to multitask, and there’s a strong sense of community within the teams,” said Adams.

Naturally, many sport teams are known for the camaraderie between players, and nothing brings a team together like game day. Finally, all the hard work pays off. Everyone comes together to make it work, and a season’s worth of practice is put to use.

With all the hard work student-athletes are doing, they need to be able to relax and have fun, especially when getting into the game day mindset. At a school game, you might catch Adams listening to “The World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly to get ready for the match.

Despite the grind, school sports have a natural appeal. Whether it’s the camaraderie, the victory, or the workout, CHS students are very passionate about their teams—and three-sport athletes prove it.


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