This year, Karen refugees graduated from CHS will be able to see their friends and family for the first time after coming to the United States, with the help of our students and a fundraiser run by student government.

Winter Links is a long-standing tradition at Carrboro. The yearly fundraiser is hosted by student government and encourages giving back to the local community in a friendly competition between homeroom classes.

Students are encouraged to give back by donating money to a chosen organization. Every time a student donates money, it goes towards a “winter link:” a piece of color paper used to create a decorative chain that is a creative way to show the progress of how much money each class has raised. 

In past years SGA has chosen organization such as Positive Impacts for Kids, a nonprofit run by junior Leanne Joyce.

This year SGA chose to fund a project that teacher John Hite started. Hite is organizing a trip over the summer of 2018 for Burmese Karen refugees, all of whom are former or current students.

The goal is to raise enough money to help the students to travel to Thailand over the summer to visit friends and family living in refugee camps.  

“It would be very meaningful to these former CHS students to be able to know that their school and community is in support of them and their desires to reconnect with friends and family,” Hite said.

The charity is hoping to collect enough funds to visit Burma (Myanmar) as well, if it’s safe, because not all of the students’ families are currently living in Thailand.

Paw Ray, Ser Gay Paw, Danielle Montgomery, Mu Eh Pay, Eh Mu Ra, Tay Nay Sar and John Hite at a food fundraiser at Transplanting Traditions Community Farm

Throughout the year, Hite and the group will be doing more fundraisers in order to raise more  money for their trip, such as multicultural nights, food fundraisers  and possible silent auctions.

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