Imogen Joashi


AP Studio Art Student

Q: What do you do in AP Studio Art?

A: We have three categories: breadth, quality, and concentration, and we need to make about 7 pieces for each category to then send to a college board who then gives us an AP score

Q: Do your pieces follow a consistent platform throughout each category, as in are they all drawings or photos?

A: Ok so breadth is supposed to show a range of what you can do so like a pencil or paint or whatever you can think of (including photography). Quality is basically just your best pieces, and concentration is making sure that you have ten or so cohesive pieces that follow a theme.

Q: What is your consistent theme?

A: Mine is conformity, so things trying to fit in whether it be people or objects or whatever.

Q: Why did you choose this theme?

A: Well it’s supposed to be a topic that you can investigate and look really in depth at.It seemed like something interesting that I could tie current issues into. Focusing on a high school you see a lot of people trying to fit in.

Q: Would you say you focus more on people and their trying to fit in socially rather than objects and more abstract things?

A: My focus is mainly people but I need diversity in my artwork so I need other stuff.

Q: Do you think you might pursue artwork later on in life? If so, has this class inspired you to do so?

A: I don’t think I would pursue artwork as a career but I’ll definitely keep doing it for fun. The class has just reminded me how hard it is to create art with a deadline.

Photo by Mireille Leone

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