The junior class won the 2016 Powderpuff games, ending the senior winning streak and inciting controversy as claims of cheating arose. The senior team reluctantly accepted second place, and the lowerclassmen tied for third. The juniors then defeated the sophomores in a tight match where the sophomores were ahead for part of the game.

The competitive tweets exchanged before the event set the tone for the final Powderpuff game, and it made the outcome personal for many on and off the field.

“It’s our last high school year, so if we don’t win, we will have no way to ever redeem ourselves or make up for the disgrace that is our grade” said Declan Sistachs, a CHS student and Powderpuff enthusiast.

As the championship round progressed, the Juniors pulled ahead and won with a final score of 12-8. The juniors face accusations of throwing keys and wearing spiked cleats, but the juniors retain their 2016 Powderpuff title.

“We were really excited going into it, and we were really excited to have won. But we give really big props to the seniors because they played a good game.” said Izzy Benson, junior Powderpuff team member.

The senior class will have to find another way to prove their superiority, while the current junior class has some high standards to maintain next year when they become seniors themselves.

Senior girls pose. Photo courtesy Kate Sparling. purchase nolvadex

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