Every year we welcome a handful a new teachers to Carrboro with open arms.  Get to know some of the newest members of the CHS faculty.

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith adds a positive and fresh attitude to Carrboro High School.  She taught previously in Durham and Ohio, and loves Carrboro already.

“Carrboro is by far the best school I have taught at,” she said.  Smith praises CHS for its very inviting atmosphere.  

Jaqueline Smith in a world history class. Photo by Levi Hencke.
Jaqueline Smith in a world history class

“The students and staff are enthusiastic and friendly. I am also enjoying the strong sense of community at CHS,” she said.  Smith teaches world history and civics & economics, and is the new Freshman Class Advisor.

A fun fact is that she was an extra in the movie The Ides of March starring Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.  The opening scene of the movie was filmed at Miami University, where Smith went to college, and you can see her twice in the first few minutes.

Lisa Rubenstein

While Ms. Rubenstein isn’t a new face to CHS, she is an honorary new teacher after having taking a break to teach abroad. Currently, she teaches ninth grade English and AP Literature.

Ms. Rubenstein’s experience spans beyond high school english. She has also taught Spanish, typing and math.  An avid traveler, Ms. Rubenstein has worked at schools around the country and world in places such as California, Canada, Jamaica, Mozambique, Kenya and Italy.

“Carrboro is different because it’s small for an American public school, and it also has a well-maintained campus, ” said Rubenstein.  In her free time she enjoys making and selling jewelry.

Anna Lewis

“Carrboro is different from other schools because of how close the students are to each other. It is refreshing to see students laughing with each other instead of tearing each other down,” said Anna Lewis, the newest face of the science department.

Anna Lewis teaches an environmental science class. Photo by Mireille Leone.
Anna Lewis teaches an environmental science class

Lewis teaches Earth and Environmental Science as well as AP Environmental Science. Previously, she has taught chemistry, physical science and astronomy. After a long day of work, Lewis enjoys relaxing and watching an episode of Gilmore Girls or Golden Girls, her two favorite TV shows.

Top photo: Lisa Rubenstien helps student Gavin Leone in a 9th grade English class.  Photo by Mireille Leone.

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