Carrboro High students are now able to fight for glory against their friends from different schools in the district. This summer, the Student Government Association (SGA) from all three CHCCS high schools met several times to discuss a way to increase competition and unity between the district high schools.

Inspired by the Summer Olympics, SGA leaders decided to create a CHCCS Olympics of their own.

When brainstorming events to connect the three schools, East Chapel Hill President Jopsy Bayog suggested SGA create an event out of activities they already knew how to organize, like powderpuff football and men’s volleyball.  “[We wanted to] commemorate the 2016 Summer Olympics and establish a framework for future Student Governments,” said Bayog.

Once every quarter, students from all three schools will compete against each other in one sport. In the first quarter students will play kickball; second quarter, dodgeball; third quarter, powderpuff football and men’s volleyball; and fourth quarter, capture the flag. Kickball tryouts were held on October 14th.

The top three individuals in each event will earn points based on how they place: five points for a first place finish, three for second place, and one for third. The point system will be cumulative with points earned from each event contributing to the final tally.

“The goal is to kind of create competition between the three schools,” said CHS President Grace Nanney. “By doing that you [also] get to hang out with your friends from other schools, and you get to have more spirit within your own school.”

Organizers hope to also instill new traditions.

The school with the most points by the end of the school year will take home a trophy. This prize is inspired by the UNC vs Duke victory bell, a traveling trophy given to the winner of the annual football game between the two famed rivals.

Other prizes will also be sold throughout the year; for example, t-shirts for each school will be sold at the event. To increase friendly competition, the school that sells the highest number of t-shirts relative to their school’s size will have points added to their final score.

The CHCCS olympics marks the first time student governments of each district high school unite for a year-long event.

“It’s a way for students to get involved and represent their school in a huge way,” said Chapel Hill High School President Kris Chellani in an email. “Hopefully this becomes a tradition that passes on to future SGAs and increases school spirit for all three schools.”

Mackenzie Cox catches a ball for the Carrboro kickball team.  Photo by Mireille Leone

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