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Context is Everything

Gun control and the Yemen conflict; women’s abuses in America and women’s abuses in Iraq; food insecurity in the U.S. and famine in Venezuela. The contrast of these issues — of those that worry the everyday American and those that destroy the lives of people every day in countries across the world — can be […]

Choosing to Walk or Not

#Enough is enough. On April 20, students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools left class and marched to the Peace and Justice Plaza, on East Franklin Street, in protest of gun violence; however, debate over the walkout could be heard much earlier. Carrboro High School was filled with voices advertising the walk out. Students said, “if […]

Teacher’s Two Cents

The JagWire asked these teachers this question: “If you could give one piece of advice to seniors before  college, what would it be?” Ms. Kendra “Be the change; take one breath at a time; be true to yourself; accept the things you cannot change; enjoy life… you only have one.” Ms. Williams “‘You may find happiness by realizing […]

Civil Disobedience

Protest can take many forms, and, although marches and public displays may come to mind first, civil disobedience is one form that can be often overlooked. Civil disobedience is a type of protest: the act of refusing to comply with laws in a form of protesting. There are many people that have displayed the courageous […]


Students in Parkland, Florida, came to school on an ordinary Valentine’s Day morning. What they didn’t know was the terror that they would have to endure later. Nikolas Cruz, a 19 year-old ex-student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School killed seventeen people in yet another mass shooting. While this is a major  tragedy, we cannot […]

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