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CHS Celebrates Culture Fest

In the evening on November 14, CHS students, parents and faculty gathered in the cafeteria commons to celebrate the annual Culture Fest. Most attendees brought various dishes from their own culture. Culture Fest has been a longstanding tradition at CHS that encourages all members of the community to come together, share a bit about their […]

CHS Seeks Feedback on New Chromebooks

Carrboro High School is currently in the process of deciding on what type of new Chromebooks to purchase for the upcoming school year. The current ones are now over three years old and rapidly aging. Lenovo no longer even sells them. Many students have voiced repeated complaints about their build quality, processing power, and software. […]

Brexit Update

England was due to finally leave the European Union on October 31 after years of delaying and debating but due to stalling efforts made by parliament it was postponed yet again. In June of 2016, England held a referendum vote on being in the EU and the verdict, by a margin of about 4 percent, […]

DACA students and allies walk out on Friday all over the country before SCOTUS hearing on immigration rights.

On November 8, DACA students and allies walked out of high schools and universities all over the country to protest for the legality of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The walkout is organized by immigrant activist groups United We Dream and Home is Here.  Luz Chavez, an organizer from United We Dream, hopes to […]

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