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Pipeline problems

Recently, Jordan Owen, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and member of Carrboro class of 2015, had the opportunity to go with a group of students to the site of the North Dakota Access Pipeline project. The project itself is a 1,200 mile pipeline being built from ND to Illinois, with the goal of […]

Desegregating CHCCS: a look back

A recent town hall, held by the Orange County Training School Lincoln Northside Alumni Association, highlighted the complex racial history of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Before 1967, Chapel Hill High School was located downtown on Franklin Street. Today when people stand where the school once was and look across the street, they see the storefront of […]

Mrs. Barry’s Class Connects with Superintendent Causby

A seasoned group of elected and appointed officials joined the Carrboro learning experience this fall. As an interactive component for their unit on elections and government, System Level teacher Melissa Barry invited several respected community leaders to speak to her class about real-world implications including division of power among various government levels, voting and occupational […]

Shots Spur Protests

Protests in Charlotte have been continuous since the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on September 20. Violent protests followed the shooting, leading to 40 police arrests. North Carolina’s governor is implementing a 12:00am curfew for the people who live in Charlotte. Police officers were in the parking lot of the Village of College Downs apartment […]

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