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Where in the World?

A quick bit of advice; when one is looking for cheap flights, Google flights ( is a very easy and quick way of checking out many destinations and dates of departures.  Many people also like to use Skyscanner ( Interview with 2012 CHS Graduate Leah Berolzheimer Q: What inspired you to take a GAP year? […]

Lunchtime Behind the Scenes

Cafeteria workers serve school lunches to over half of all schoolchildren in the U.S. Many students get their first and second meals of the day from the school cafeteria. But what goes on behind the scenes in the preparation of these lunches? “Well first, we look at the production sheet,” said Carrboro cafeteria worker Misty […]

Dear Jagwire Judy…

“How/why do you stay motivated senior year?” –Anonymous Dear Anonymous, Honey, you deserve a congratulations. You’ve worked really hard over the last three and a half years; buy yourself a slice of cake and celebrate that. Nevertheless, you are most certainly not allowed to give up. Keep your grades close to what they typically are. […]

Tech week

Tech week: the week leading up to a theatre production, in which the set, lights, sound, costumes, makeup, hair and more come together to complete the show. Putting it all together, however, doesn’t necessarily come easily. Each day during Carrboro tech week, students stay five or six hours after school, with schedules consisting of a […]

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