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Hong Kong Protests

In recent months, massive protests have been occurring in Hong Kong, mainly due to backlash to an extradition bill. This issue, while different in many aspects could be seen as similar to many issues prevalent at CHS, such as climate change or gun control, which have sparked protests at CHS including multiple walk-out. One similarity […]

Hydrogen-powered vehicles become the future of the automotive industry

With the automotive industry racing to create a sustainable, everyday transportation, many car companies hurry to develop what they believe is the future of alternative energy production: hydrogen powered vehicles.  Several businesses are attempting to firmly position themselves in this market, and secure a spot in the future of the automotive industry amidst gathering attention […]

What Carrboro High Thinks of Chromebooks

By the end of the 2018-2019 school year, there were rumors of the CHCCS district handing out personal Chromebooks for every student in the district. When the first email of the year arrived, the rumors were confirmed. Even before the confirmation, students were speculating about what would happen. The decision to distribute Chromebooks was made […]

Anonymous Instagram Account Posts Memes About Carrboro High School

Meme accounts are everywhere on Instagram. Commonly anonymous accounts post funny photos or videos (often ones with similar formatting but slight variations from version to version) that have been used for a quick laugh for years. More recently, however, commentary memes have gained the youth’s favor. There have been commentary-type memes made about Brexit, natural […]

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