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What Carrboro High Thinks of Chromebooks

By the end of the 2018-2019 school year, there were rumors of the CHCCS district handing out personal Chromebooks for every student in the district. When the first email of the year arrived, the rumors were confirmed. Even before the confirmation, students were speculating about what would happen. The decision to distribute Chromebooks was made […]

Anonymous Instagram Account Posts Memes About Carrboro High School

Meme accounts are everywhere on Instagram. Commonly anonymous accounts post funny photos or videos (often ones with similar formatting but slight variations from version to version) that have been used for a quick laugh for years. More recently, however, commentary memes have gained the youth’s favor. There have been commentary-type memes made about Brexit, natural […]

Anonymous Twitter Account Exposes CHCCS Achievement​ Gap

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools have often been hailed as diverse and embracing communities that foster growth and education. However, an anonymous Twitter account has recently been disputing this narrative and highlighting some of the hard truths of the district. Take Back CHCCS Schools’s Twitter bio introduces themselves as “a scared administrator” who is urging students […]

Clashing opinions on Clan game

Normally, when people think of mobile games they might think Candy Crush, Trivia Crack and Fortnite. However, an older mobile game has made an appearance at CHS: Clash of Clans, an online, multiplayer game for iPhone and Android devices. The game, also known as COC, incorporates strategy with a heavy reliance on other players. Clash […]

Teachers march for increased wages

Teachers march on Raleigh to demand better pay and defend their rights. Photo by Elsie Baker On May 1, while students were enjoying their day off, many teachers from NC marched in downtown Raleigh for better pay and more funding for public schools. The march was planned by the NCAE (North Carolina Association of Educators). […]

The Chapel Hill Service Award

In a segregation-ridden community, the Chapel Hill school system was split into two separate schools: Chapel Hill High School and Lincoln High School. Now, over half a century later, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District has four separate high schools, in which students of all colors, creeds and backgrounds are enrolled. Jock Lauterer, Carolyn Daniels, […]

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