CHS Has Chickens?

Many students at CHS don’t realize that the school actually has its own chickens. And a further surprise to many is that we have had them since January of this year.

Stefan Klakovich, CHS environmental science teacher, looks after the chickens with the help of Eco-action student volunteers. Klakovich and the students started building the coop a year ago, in anticipation of the chickens’ arrival.

The coop, which is situated in the garden by the tennis courts and outside the math wing, took so long to make due to its complexity. It needed to be self sufficient because since there isn’t someone who checks on the chickens consistently, they needed to be safe without supervision.

Some benefits of having the chickens at Carrboro High is that they can eat our garbage and waste. The chickens turn the waste into fertilizer, and they also produce eggs that the school can then sell to farmers markets in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. This money has helped to pay for the chickens.

Along with fundraising from Mr. Klakovich classes, Whole foods gave the school a 2,000 dollar donation for the garden and chicken coop.

Mr. Klakovich plans to get new chickens once all of the current chickens pass away. He also believes that someday he will be able to get pigs at our school, but that may be long in the future. A more feasible animal to obtain could be bunnies.

At Eco-action, which takes place on Tuesdays after school, students get the chance to take care of the chickens, plant in the garden and fix structures around the coop. Mr. Klakovich believes that these experiences are a good way to expose students to the agricultural system.

The JagWire’s yearly restaurant Recommendations

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill? Many Chapel Hillians have one restaurant that they believe is the best. Whenever families are deciding where to eat, some family members have strong opinions on where is best. So, next time your family has to make a decision, consider the following restaurants and opinions of others at Carrboro High School.

Do you like pizza? There are a couple of delicious options for you. Mellow Mushroom combines the creative and hipster cultures of America with delicious Italian flavors. One of the most famous Mellow Mushroom pizzas is the chicken pie, comprised of BBQ chicken, mozzarella, cheddar, caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon, finished with a BBQ sauce swirl.

The next option is the Napoli wood-fired pizza food truck in Carrboro. Although this isn’t a restaurant, their pizza is some of the best pizza you can get in North Carolina. Napoli imports the majority of its ingredients from Naples, Italy. It was founded in 2014 when the founders built their own wood-fired pizza oven that can cook a pizza in two minutes.

Another option is 411 West, located on the west end of Franklin Street in the heart of Chapel Hill. 411 strives to provide the value of quality service and outstanding food at an affordable price. 411 isn’t as well-known for its pizza, but more for its appetizing Italian dishes including lemon linguine, lasagne bolognese, chicken marsala and gnocchi.

If you aren’t a pizza lover, how about some Mexican food? Apart from the common chain options of Chipotle and Moe’s, there are numerous local Mexican restaurants in Chapel Hill that will please
the palate.

Carrburritos was an idea brought to Carrboro from California by owners Cail and Bill Fairbanks. In California, there were burrito joints around every corner. Cail created all of Carrburritos’ recipes with the advice of a friend who had lived in Mexico. Now, Carrburitos finds itself among the top Mexican food restaurants in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area.

Another great Mexican option is Armadillo Grill; many CHS seniors love going to Armadillo Grill during the lunch period to pick up a quick taco.

If you are not much of a Mexican or Italian-food fan, maybe burgers or Chinese food can cure your hunger. One of the most famous burger joints in Chapel Hill, since 2013 when it first opened shop, is Al’s Burger Shack. Al’s Burger Shack has crafted a mouthwatering menu that has some of the most creative burger creations around, including the Kenny J, Melly Mel, Paco, Sally Mack and even a hot dog, the Dirty Dog. It even includes a great selection of sides to accompany your burger, including sweet potato fries, crinkle cut fries and the “shack salad.” And, for vegetarians, there is the healthy Kaarin burger.

Another strong burger spot is Hickory Tavern, located under the Hampton Inn and across from Gourmet Kingdom.

Transition facilitator at Carrboro High, Lorrie Marro, says that the best thing about Hickory Tavern is the “amazing sports atmosphere.” She also recommends their delicious lemon pepper wings.

A popular Carrboro Chinese restaurant is Jade Palace. It is known for its modern interpretation of classical dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. They also have a delivery service that is very convenient.

Another Chinese offering is Gourmet Kingdom. While a bit pricier, Gourmet Kingdom provides enormous servings of food in each of their dishes. With 150 options, there’s something for everyone.

Chinese restaurants and burgers are great choices to take into consideration when choosing where you want to eat because they are sure to fill you up.

Choosing where you want to eat out is an important task that can take time. But, with the proper consideration of all options, it will be impossible for you not to find an enjoyable meal here in Carrboro or Chapel Hill. Hopefully you can turn to this helpful guide the next time you need help deciding.

March was too mad for UNC

This past March was filled with crazy upsets that proved to everyone why predictability is never a guarantee. The top bracket on the ESPN bracket challenge didn’t even predict the Elite Eight completely correct. At CHS, the only two brackets to guess the finals correctly were entries from junior Lyon Teesdale, and sophomore Isaac Bryant.

According to the ESPN bracket challenge, only 2.18 percent of people who created a bracket this year predicted the UMBC win over Virginia. Virginia was upset by 20 points, 74 to 54, proving that no game is a guaranteed win for any team.

The next surprise was Loyola Chicago who made it to the Final Four. They haven’t been to the Final since 1963, when they went on to win the National Championship, too. This year, they won each of their first three games with buzzer beaters.

“Gotta cheer for the underdog,” said freshman Max Van Horn, who cheered for Loyola Chicago.

Texas A&M dominated UNC in the second round which was a huge surprise to many. Texas A&M took advantage of their rebounding, physicality and superior size to destroy UNC. UNC also shot 19.4 percent from three and 33.3 percent from the floor, which didn’t help their case. Syracuse was also a surprising team, making it to the Sweet 16 after defeating Michigan State in the round of 32. Florida State also surprised many as they upset high seeds, they beat Gonzaga and Missouri in the first two rounds but also beat the first seed, Xavier, in the West quadrant of the bracket. Three teams with with seeds above eight made it to the elite eight and two top seeds survived to the final four.

This year, UNC was not expected to win it all, but they were predicted to go pretty far in the tournament, especially by Carrboro students. Texas A&M had a different idea. Texas A&M’s group of “big men” proved to be a mismatch against the young UNC centers who were out rebounded by 50 to 36. Although it was a short and sad ending for one North Carolina team, Duke’s talented freshman class led them to the Elite Eight where they played Devonte Graham’s fierce Kansas team. Grayson Allen had the opportunity to send the Blue Devils to the Final Four but he barely missed the game winning shot, which took the game into overtime where his team ended up losing by four.

“I cried tears after the Kansas game,” said sophomore Isabel Simmons, a Duke fan.

“Experience definitely overshadowed talent especially in the Duke vs Kansas game,” said Elijah Jones, junior and also a Duke fan.

It wasn’t the year for any of the main North Carolina college basketball teams, but the experienced Villanova team that destroyed Michigan in the finals 79 to 62.

In the end, March was clustered with surprises and upsets that no one could have foreseen. Despite the unexpected turn of events, it didn’t come as much of a shock to see a strong and disciplined Villanova team go on to win the title, thanks to an amazing performance from Donte Divincenzo. Divincenzo finished the season with 31 points and five rebounds.

Duke and UNC are going to have very young and talented teams but it will be hard to tell whether either of these two teams can win it all because we don’t know how they will play with the majority of the teams being talented freshman.


The unnoticed efforts behind state championships

Sports at CHS can get exceedingly competitive at times, especially against rivals East and Chapel Hill High. But most CHS athletes believe that state championships can be the most challenging and exciting time for CHS teams. High school sports teams dream about competing in a state championship, and they put in a lot of work that goes unnoticed by their peers at school.

Over the past two years, volleyball and women’s soccer dominated their competition at states. The varsity volleyball team won back-to-back state championships, going undefeated for the past two years. The women’s soccer team has also won back-to-back state championships and hopes to win another this spring.

Senior Evie Joseph has been on the women’s soccer team through three state championships and describes the surreal feeling of winning states.

“I also love the outpouring of support we get when C-Town comes in full force to cheer us on,” said Joseph.

Other sports, such as lacrosse, have come close to winning states but haven’t achieved the accolade yet. The men’s lacrosse team went to the state championship game two years ago but haven’t made it back since.

“The pressure and atmosphere of playoff games are fun to be a part of. I’m excited to get some W’s,” said sophomore lacrosse player Jonathan Osborne. “I think that we have a legitimate chance to win a state championship this year.”

The swim team is another talented CHS team that has made it to states before. Sophomore Alex Prakken believes that he will make it to his first finals just like many other swimmers on the team this year.

“I think that my relay will help the most because we usually do really well and score for the team,” said Prakken, who swims the 200 medley, 200 and 400 freestyle.

Many athletes at CHS aspire to be the next state champs for their sport and work very extensively in the offseason.

“We have been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we don’t get credit for. It started spring of 2017 for us,” said sophomore basketball player Jared Porter.

Thanks to talented players like Jared Porter and Neel Mahavaden, the men’s basketball team has a good chance at going all the way. Porter loves the atmosphere that the playoffs provide.

”Being able to compete in front of people that have been watching me play for a long time is very exciting,” said Porter.

Winning a state championship is the goal for most athletes at CHS. Every ounce of sweat that goes into their efforts to get there will be put on display during the playoffs and ultimately, the finals.

A great debate: Chipotle v. Moe’s

In the silver-wrapped, all-natural corner, we have Spencer Hayden defending Chipotle.

Chipotle is the superior Mexican food chain. Its food is of a higher quality, while Moe’s meals often lack seasoning. The flavors and spices used in Chipotle’s food are natural and make its meals taste much better. Moe’s dry and flavorless chicken explains why they overflow their salsa bar with an assortment of salsas to make up for the unseasoned chicken.

Chipotle also has a wider variety of meats. They offer delicious options such as barbacoa, chicken, steak, carnitas and chorizo. These meats are more flavorful and better tasting than those from Moe’s.

Portion size plays a huge role in why Chipotle is far superior to Moe’s. While Moe’s believes they are being clever by naming its largest burrito the “Homewrecker,” they fail to acknowledge that it is not nearly the size of the average Chipotle burrito (Moe’s burrito weighs one pound while Chipotle’s are one and a half pounds). Though Moe’s does include chips in their meal price, unlike Chipotle, they don’t compare in quality. The chips at Chipotle have a sublime, salty lime flavor unlike Moes’ stale tasting chips. In addition, Chipotle’s guacamole — with its amazing blend of avocados, tomatoes and onions — is undeniably the best you will ever try in your entire life. Although it may be an additional cost, it is 100 percent worth it. Moe’s guacamole is subpar and not worth the extra fee while Chipotle’s is divine compared to Moe’s bland-tasting avocado mush. Also, even though Chipotle’s burritos cost a few bucks more, there is a lot more food inside each burrito at Chipotle.

Efficiency also plays a role in determining the best Mexican fast food chain. Chipotle is extremely fast and efficient compared to the long wait common at Moe’s; a wait that comes thanks to employees’ inability to hear customers over their loud grills in the back and their annoying “Welcome to Moe’s” catchphrase.

Chipotle stands out in ways beyond their impeccable flavor: their “food with supports local farmers, unlike Moe’s. In February of 2016 they pledged ten million dollars to help local farmers meet their safety protocols.

Lastly, Chipotle’s sleek and modern restaurant design is far superior to Moe’s. When one walks into Chipotle’s restaurants, they feel as though they are entering a fine dining restaurant that offers delicious, fancy cuisine. But, when you go into a Moe’s restaurant, it feels as though you are going into a lame pop concert with pictures of old musicians littering the walls.

There are endless reasons why Chipotle is the superior food chain to Moe’s, including the quality of food, the design of their restaurants, the freshness of their ingredients, and the flavorful meats that Chipotle has to offer. Comparing Chipotle to Moe’s is like comparing Nike to Skechers, USA to North Korea, the Patriots to the Browns, Supreme to Palace or even Apple to Android.

Spencer Hayden (left) and Ike Bryant (right). Photo by Levi Hencke

In the yellow-themed, free-chips corner, we have Ike Bryant defending Moe’s.

Moe’s is by far the better choice of Southwestern cuisine. First off, it is a cheaper option. Not everybody has the ability to spend more money on food of lower quality. That is why the average Moe’s is exceedingly more successful than the average Chipotle. While Chipotle has 2,205 locations compared to Moe’s 680-700, they only rack in twice the annual revenue. This means that three Chipotles make as much as two Moe’s, which shows how notably more popular Moe’s is.

Another of Moe’s assets that tops Chipotle is the taste of their food. While Chipotle may have better chips than Moe’s, they have nothing good to dip them in. Moe’s queso far surpasses Chipotle’s. The blend of three cheeses, diced jalapeños, and the creaminess all distract you from the below standard chips, which really aren’t all that bad. Moe’s entrees are much more desirable than Chipotle’s, including their burritos, stacks, tacos, quesadillas, and nachos. While the Moe’s burritos may be a slight bit smaller, they make up for the small lack of space with adding the highest grade ratio of ingredients, while Chipotle unevenly piles their ingredients onto a tortilla. Quality is always much better than quantity, and that is the difference between Moe’s and Chipotle burritos; who wants to bite into a messy burrito and take a large bite of tortilla and guacamole, expecting meat, beans, rice, cheese and more?

According to Jonathan Osborne, a sophomore at Carrboro High School, I’m not the only one who likes Moe’s better than Chipotle.

“The queso is better, more flavorful, and all of the foods in general are more flavorful and have a better quality. The meats are so much better including the steak and ground beef, and the rice is much better,” said Osborne.

Osborne’s favorite meal to order at Moe’s is the Wrong Doug, which he simply describes as “perfect.” The Wrong Doug is one of Moe’s stacks, and it perfectly balances the flavors of meat, cheese, beans, queso, lettuce and pico de gallo in between two crunchy corn shells and two grilled tortillas.

The final benefit of Moe’s is the restaurant itself. “Welcome to Moe’s!” is the first thing you hear when you walk into one of the restaurants. Moe’s creates a homey environment that makes everyone feel welcome when they eat there, and lets you efficiently watch your meal being made in front of you. Moe’s styles their restaurants to be like the rebellious spirits of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Their name literally stands for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers, and it attempts to revisit the popular culture of those generations. Even if it’s not your style, they make up for it with their phenomenal food.

With the combination of their food, atmosphere and success, Moe’s is overall the better restaurant to dine at for Southwestern cuisine. While Chipotle boasts about the freshness of their ingredients, they sure don’t boast about the sixty cases of E. coli across eleven states that they served through their “quality food” to customers.

The next time you think of going to Moe’s or Chipotle, just remember: quality always beats quantity.

Inside CHS Lunches

Lunch is a wonderful time to get away from normal class activities and, take a break from tests, quizzes, lectures and school work. Students can spend time playing sports, participating in clubs, watching YouTube, chatting with friends, studying for tests, going off campus or doing many other activities.

For the most part, students spend their lunch time eating outside in the courtyard or inside in the commons. While the commons can get pretty crowded at the start of the lunch period, it clears up around the start of B lunch as many students migrate to classrooms or the library where they can chat with friends and work.

The library is a helpful and quiet area for working on projects and studying for upcoming tests and quizzes. What some don’t realize, though, is that the library isn’t just a place to get homework done. It’s also where some students choose to chat with friends and socialize. It is just like the commons or courtyard in that sense, except it is much calmer and quieter.

The courtyard is one of the most exciting areas to sit during lunch be- cause of all that goes on. Every day a free-for-all game of soccer goes on in the courtyard field. The soccer game is also usually accompanied by a neighboring game of ultimate frisbee.

Sophomore Loévan Bost occasionally joins that soccer game, and says he loves the competitiveness that every- one plays with during the games.

Bost has scored a lot of goals, he asserts, so everyone targets him when he plays.

“There aren’t any refs so it can get pretty dangerous with everybody trying to kick each other really hard. I had to retire because I was scoring too many goals,” said Bost.

Students who go to teachers’ rooms do so for many reasons. Some students go to catch up with their teacher, get help with homework, study for tests, make up missed work, work on projects and talk with friends. It is a good way for students to get help with class work so that they can be successful in their classes.

Although lunch is a period that many students enjoy, some believe that it needs to be improved just a little to make it an even more enjoyable time.

“I wish that I had enough time to watch an entire episode of my favorite show during lunch, but sadly, I have never watched an episode of my favorite show from beginning to end during the lunch period. If only we had a few minutes more,” said sophomore Rachel Grau.

Sophomore Brynn Holt-Ling believes that everyone — not just seniors — should be able to go off campus for

For the most part, though, lunch is a delightful 53 minutes of students socializing, relaxing, eating and getting classwork done.

Can UNC go all the way?

UNC is one of the premier sports universities in the country, so it’s no surprise that two Carrboro graduates, Miah Araba and Laura Sparling, decided to take their talents to the soccer team. Although Araba and Sparling aren’t starters yet, they bring a lot to the team and are future stars.

UNC’s current star is Alessia Russo, who leads the team with nine goals as a result of a team high of 52 total shots throughout the 2017 season; this earned her a place on the all ACC first team. After playing at Chelsea and Brighton & Hove Albion youth squads in England, Russo has brought another dimension to UNC by leading the team in goals as a freshman.

The UNC soccer team is working hard to achieve their end goal of winning a national championship. UNC earned the one seed in their side of the tournament bracket after being placed second at the end of the season right behind Stanford. They have already advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament after defeating High Point by three goals.

The next game is Friday, November 17th at home against Colorado. If UNC beats Colorado they could play against one of their instate rivals, NC State, if they win their next game against Princeton.

Photo courtesy Laura Sparling