Author: Ruby Handa

CHS competes at SkillsUSA

Senior Juan Ramirez won 4th place for his design Formed 54 years ago, SkillsUSA is an organization that offers opportunities to CTE students across the nation. With state competitions as well as a national competition, students are able to improve their skills and engage with other talented individuals in many different areas. From fantasy makeup […]

A lesser-known Black Friday

Almost all U.S. citizens know of Black Friday, the day when large retailers offer amazingly generous deals, resulting in malls packed full of oppor-tunistic shoppers; however, “Black Friday” didn’t always refer to a yearly consumer craze, but a gold scandal in 1869 that led our country to the brink of an economic depression. As a […]

Not-So-Wonderous Woman

With likeable characters, fast-paced action and a strong female lead, Wonder Woman is a blockbuster that charmed many; however, it shot itself in the foot by incorporating one-dimensional villains and an amazingly uninspired ending. It had the right idea, and came so close to being a superhero movie with a deeper meaning; however, for some […]

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