Author: Penny Newall

Pick Up the Pace

Three minutes. That’s all the time that Carrboro High School students have between each class. Three minutes may seem like a lot, but when you factor in using the restroom, grabbing a quick snack, dropping something off at the office and, of course, the slow walkers, the time you need increases. Unfortunately, we cannot change […]

Choosing to Walk or Not

#Enough is enough. On April 20, students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools left class and marched to the Peace and Justice Plaza, on East Franklin Street, in protest of gun violence; however, debate over the walkout could be heard much earlier. Carrboro High School was filled with voices advertising the walk out. Students said, “if […]

Tutoring the way to success at CHS

Every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Carrboro High library, tutoring is in session. Students can find tutoring from teachers, volunteers, parents or other students. “I come here mostly for math, and it has helped a lot,” said Gabby Ortiz, a junior who regularly comes to these after-school tutoring sessions. Ortiz said that she […]

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