AIS Seniors Take Part in Field Trip

On November 5th, the group of Academy of International Studies (AIS) Seniors traveled to Triangle Training Center to participate in the first of three capstone experiences throughout the year. 

AIS is a smaller group of students at Carrboro who have taken separate globally-focused classes throughout the past three years.

The day was focused on team building and developing leadership skills through a variety of activities in which the group was split into three smaller groups. All groups participated in three main activities, the windows of opportunity, climbing a pole to jump off, and stacking milk crates as tall as possible. 

Each activity was designed to test participants comfort zones and encourage them to take the lead during the day and in the coming years. After the activities, students had a chance to reflect on the day by calling out people who supported them throughout the day, their main takeaways and favorite activity.

Fred Larsen, an AIS senior, explained his main takeaway from the trip, “there’s a large amount of students who I’ve gone to school with since kindergarten who I know really well and it was interesting to learn new things about people that I hadn’t known for 12 years.”

Chloe Benson, a participant on the field trip, reflected on the day, “it was just fun to be able to spend that time with [everyone in AIS.] I thought that it was a good way to kind of remind us that we’re leaving,” she said, highlighting one of the bittersweet aspects of the trip. 

AIS Seniors will complete their capstone experience throughout the remainder of the school year before they release their AIS statement of purpose to conclude their time in the program. 

Kaya is a Senior at Carrboro, this is her first year at the JagWire and she’s a staff writer. In her free time, Kaya enjoys reading, traveling and playing with her pets, Aussie and Belle.
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