SGA Introductions

Isabel Simmons (President)

What originally made you want to participate in Student Government?

“When I was in elementary school, I think first grade was the first opportunity we had to run for student government. I ran. I lost, but I’ve always loved the idea of being a part of something that could make school a better place because I love going to school but I know not everyone feels that way.”

What made you want to continue participating in SGA?

“I kept running through eighth grade, [I] lost every time. But the whole time I just thought it would be so fun, I love the idea of having a role where I could effect change and, again, I love school and I want everyone to feel that way.”

What are some tasks or projects that specifically pertain to your role as President?

“[The] President of the school does a wide variety of things… we spearhead all of the typical SGA things people think of: organizing dances, raising money for that, raising money for Boro Blowout, doing fundraisers for charity. But then I also meet with Mrs. Rudolph on a biweekly basis. I go to school improvement meetings, and I try and execute my own initiatives that I ran on. So for example, right now I’m working really hard to get funding for water bottle water fountains in the school.”

What are some projects that SGA as a whole is working on?

“Again, we’re working on getting funding for water bottle water fountains, we are in contact with a couple of people trying to figure out how we can get seat covers for the chairs in the classrooms with cracks in them because that’s a lot cheaper than replacing seats, and we’re also trying to just increase school spirit. So one way we are doing that right now… is organizing a food truck rodeo that’s going to happen before our homecoming football game, so we’re very excited about that.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“I don’t know. It’s really exciting to be in a position where I get to oversee everything I’ve experienced as a student for the past three years because it gives me a whole new perspective on how much work goes into everything, which makes me appreciate it more.”

What do you believe SGA’s role to be in the school?

“I think members of student government are the student leaders, I think we set the example on how members of the Carrboro student body should treat each other, treat the school, treat the people around them and I take that role very seriously.”

Zac Cameron (Vice President)

This interview was conducted via email and condensed for clarity.

Have you been in SGA before?

“Yes, this is my second year in SGA.”

If so, what made you want to continue with SGA?

“Student government has opened my eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes. I really enjoyed working with the administration and Mr. Severance to tend to the requests of the student body, not to mention the amazing group that I get to work with, Isabel, Amanda, Nina, and Nicholas. When students come up to me with questions about how something works, or why something worked out the way it did, it is nice to be able to communicate with admin and give them a real answer, not just some rumors going around the school.”

What originally inspired you to run for office?

“The main reason I ran for office is to better the class of 2020 and allow for my peers and friends to have more of a say in what goes on involving student government. I like to be a voice for the student body, and I feel as though people confide in me and tell me information that they wouldn’t feel comfortable telling another SGA representative.”

What are your projects or tasks as VP?

“Currently, I am working on planning homecoming and running senator elections for this upcoming week. As far as my platform, Isabel and I are working with Ms.Rudolph on figuring out what we are able to accomplish with a grant that was just given to us by the district. My main goal as Vice President is to work on inclusivity and transparency. We need to be able to come together as a school, not divided by race. One thing that I believe would lead to more inclusivity this year is Fun Fridays. Fun Fridays is a way for our school to come together, and bond over music, dancing, and happiness that the weekend is approaching. Bottom line I just want to hear from every single group at Carrboro High and understand what they think would make Carrboro a better community to be a part of.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“I honestly cannot wait to serve the school as Vice President. It has been a dream that became a reality, and I feel incredibly lucky to serve the school. Not to mention ever since I can remember, Isabel has talked about wanting to be the president of Carrboro High, and one day America, so I know that my “boss” loves her job too. I hope that this will be the best year Carrboro has ever had in our school spirit and inclusivity.” 

What do you believe SGA’s role to be in the school?

“I believe that it is our job to make sure that the student body is in the best environment possible. I know that every single person appointed so far has the same goal in mind, and that is to better the school as a whole, not just to benefit the people elected to government.”

Nina Scott (Chief of Media)

Have you been in SGA before?

“No, this is my first and last, because I’m a senior, year in SGA.”

What inspired you to run for office?

“I was really good friends with Ben Tignor and also Hank Hultman and they both really encouraged me to run. They had seen my art before and they thought that I’d be good for the position, so I did and I just happened to win.”

What do you believe SGA’s role to be in the school?

“I really think that Student Government should always have all of the student’s best interests in mind when we are running events. When we are representing the school we should always be a good representative for everyone in the school, that’s not just rich people and that’s not just less fortunate people, it should be everyone in the school that gets their voice heard and is accounted for in the government.”

What are your projects or tasks as Chief of Media?

“Especially for sports events I have to design social media posts to get the word out there, to make sure that everyone sees it. I’m also in charge of just general aesthetics for SGA, so I’m also creating a poster that’s going to have everyone’s faces up so you know who we are. I manage social media.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“I’m looking forward to talking to students and making sure that Student Government is always a diverse place because currently it’s not the most diverse place, but my job right now is to encourage a more diverse group to run next year and I just look forward to connecting with people through my artwork.”

Nicholas Osborne (Treasurer)

Have you been in SGA before?

“This is my third year in student government, I was freshman senator and treasurer last year.”

What inspired you to run for office?

“My freshman year I got started because… Joe Zhang convinced my [brothers and I] to run and I didn’t really know a lot about it, so I signed up and that year was really fun, it’s a great way to engage with the school and make you feel like you’re doing something. So that’s why I ran again. I actually wasn’t elected sophomore year but than last year I was elected as treasurer and in that I had more of a leadership position.”

What do you believe SGA’s role to be in the school?

“I think it’s a pathway between the student body and the administration because administration, while they do try to listen to everybody, it’s kind of hard to have 800 voices, so it’s kind of a way for us to communicate with them easily and just get what people want done quickly.”

What are your projects or tasks as Treasurer?

“Mainly, I’m handling all the cash flow that comes through. One of the big things that we do is our fundraisers, whether it’s through our dances or outside events, so I’m in charge of organizing that. Selling t-shirts is another way that we make money, so I’m also in charge of doing that.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“Working with the group of people that we have. We’ve already gotten a lot done. It looks to be a very promising year because Isabel and Zac have done a great job working with Ms. Rudolph and Administration early to start getting stuff put on the agenda to get stuff done this year.”

Amanda Tsuetaki (Secretary)

Have you been in SGA before?

“I’ve been in student government for the past two years, I was a freshman senator and than I was the lead sophomore senator.”

If so, what made you want to continue with SGA?

“I love the people I work with and I think that when we plan fun events a lot of people really enjoy [it]. Especially, Boro Blowout I know that everyone loves the bouncy castles and the dunk booth. And just seeing other students really happy makes me want to keep doing it.”

What originally inspired you to run for office?

“I was new to the school, I came from Durham Academy, so I didn’t know many people and I thought it would just be a good idea to try to get myself out there and meet some new people in the first few weeks. This was a good way to do it.”

What do you believe SGA’s role to be in the school?

“Student Government is really just to bridge the gap between students and the administration. We get to not only have fun with our fellow peers and make fun events but also we’re trying to make it more inclusive where if students do have questions we’ll be able to help them answer it.”

What are your projects or tasks as Secretary?

“So I get to write notes for everyone in the meetings, and then it’s also my job to help out Isabel and Zac with anything they need, so I’m kind of like a right hand man.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“I’m just looking forward to making this year the best it can be. I really think that we have a lot of new, fun ideas like for homecoming we have a food truck rodeo and than other than that we are going to do Snowball and Jaguar Jump-In.”

Mr. Severance (Advisor)

What inspired you to work with SGA?

“Ms. Rudolph approached me at the end of my first year at Carrboro to say that there’s a position opening and my name was one of the names that got brought up by the students that were going to be in SGA the following year. After talking to her and hearing the plans for the following year I decided to take it on.”

What made you want to continue with SGA?

“Last year was really fun, just to kind of see the organization. From my point, there is just a lot more of the logistics sides of it making sure the right things are reserved. It’s just really fun to be able to have an impact on the leaders of the school and be able to have an influence on some of their decisions and just help them and help the student leaders figure out what it means to be a student leader and be a productive and a good student leader. We don’t always necessarily, have the best role models in the real world for leadership so being able to give them another kind of viewpoint and help them grow is really beneficial.”

What are some of your projects or tasks as advisor?

“As an advisor, I just make sure that we are meeting our deadlines, making sure that if we have an event, making sure that it doesn’t conflict with any of the other school events, and than making sure that all the people in their positions are completing their roles, making sure that everyone is doing their part and than the big financial part, making sure that the money we bring in is actually getting deposited.”

Lauren is an editor of the JagWire Newspaper. She is a senior and has been on the staff for three years. Lauren plays tennis and has a beagle named Parker. Her favorite snacks are goldfish and rice krispy treats.
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