Jaguar Jump In Offers Showcase for CHS Clubs

Photo by Isabel Simmons

On Friday, September 13, Jaguar Jump-In occurred: a designated time for all students to explore the many student-led clubs that Carrboro has to offer. 

The 50 participating clubs cover a wide range of topics, including Academics & Achievement, Service & Social Issue Clubs, Language & Cultural Arts, Athletics & Activities, CHS Athletic Recruiting and Student Leadership Opportunities. With such a wide range of options, students were bound to find a club they identified with. Additionally, these clubs allowed students to meet new people and find a way to play an influential role in the Carrboro community. 

Students enjoyed a shortened schedule for the day and were dismissed by each wing to walk around, get informed, and sign up for the clubs of their choice. They also got to gather up a candy stash.

Lydia Eccleston, co-president of H.E.A.R.T club enjoyed the day. 

“Jaguar jump in was so fun and we recruited a lot of people. It was a good opportunity just to get our club’s name out there because we’re so new,” said Eccleston. H.E.A.R.T club collects used school supplies, which they then distribute or recycle, promoting sustainability.

This year, the SGA made its club rules very clear. “SGA plans to hold each club accountable for creating an inclusive environment and working towards their purpose and goal that they set forth for the year,” an announcement in an electronic presentation from the SGA clarified.  These guidelines means that it will be important for students who run and manage clubs to have consistent meetings that allow for their members to get involved and make progress towards they goals they set. 

A club that emerged last year and is continuing this year is called Women’s Circle. The objective, as described by Fiona Galinsky, senior, is to “create an environment to talk about issues pertaining to women that you might not be able to discuss in a classroom setting.” Women’s Circle is one among many inclusive clubs at CHS. The club presidents are hoping to set up a consent presentation. “We really want to create a network, especially for underclassmen, so that they have people to talk to about things that they wouldn’t trust with a teacher,” said Galinksy. One meeting last year consisted of an “attributions workshop,” which helped club members work on self love. 

Jaguar Jump-In allowed students to explore the agenda of various clubs. Hopefully they found something to put their energy into, enhancing their extracurriculars. 

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