Month: October 2019

Carrboro Music Festival

The twenty-second Annual Carrboro Music Festival was celebrated on September 28 and 29, and it was amazing as usual. Each year the festival brings over 200 performers to carrboro to play on 25 different stages like: Cats cradle, Fifth season, Weaver street and many more. The whole festival is free to anyone who comes. There […]

Anonymous Twitter Account Exposes CHCCS Achievement​ Gap

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools have often been hailed as diverse and embracing communities that foster growth and education. However, an anonymous Twitter account has recently been disputing this narrative and highlighting some of the hard truths of the district. Take Back CHCCS Schools’s Twitter bio introduces themselves as “a scared administrator” who is urging students […]

CHCCS Board Of Education Election Profiles

The CHCCS School Board elections are coming up. Since a lot of people would like to know about who they’re voting for, here are the profiles for each of the five candidates. Rani Dasi is running her campaign on individual success for all and community growth. “Education is a critical enabler of individual success and […]

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