Carrboro Celebrates Mother’s Day

Many people agree that their parents do a lot for them. They often balance busy work schedules with taking care of themselves and their kids, while finding time to go above and beyond expectations. For high school students, parents can offer words of encouragement when students are stressed or tired, and help make sure that students’ days and years run smoothly.

On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, people of all ages appreciate these parental contributions. This year, Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 12. Many students at Carrboro took time to celebrate their moms in a variety of ways.

“I walked my dogs for my mom, so she could go out bird-watching,” said Cici Sullenger, senior.

Many teachers at Carrboro are also parents themselves, and they too were recognized this Mother’s Day.

“My kids made me a strawberry shortcake,” said Robin Bulleri, CHS science teacher. “That was one of my favorite parts.”

Students agree that moms play an important role in their lives and in the Carrboro community.

“I appreciate that my mom is always caring and always there for me,” said Sullenger.

Even though Mother’s Day is only one day a year, moms’ work is year-round, and there is a lot to appreciate no matter what day it is.

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