Peer Buddy Field Day

On Friday, April 12, the Peer Buddy Program and Special Olympic club hosted their second annual Field Day. The event was held during lunch through the sixth period in the gym, Ms. Barry’s room and the Eco-Garden.

“Today is a special day because its a chance to take a break to get away from the seriousness of school and have fun as a group, with our friends outside,” said Matteo Fulghieri, president of the Special Olympics club at Carrboro.

Participants and volunteers enjoyed making tie-dye, using the art pendulum, decorating cookies and pieing each other in the face.

“Field day is always a great day because we get to see all members of the CHS community come together and have fun in a variety of activities regardless of ability. It’s so great to get to see students accommodate to each other’s needs so that they can all have a fun day off of school,” said Jackson Lee, President of Peer Buddy Club.

During or in between activities, students could congregate in Ms. Barry’s room in Lower D and eat popcorn and hang out with each other.

Included below are photos from the field day.

Students blow bubbles in the Eco-Garden
Student Marco pies Ms. Barry in the face
Students work on tie-dyeing
Students and teachers alike enjoy Field Day despite the cloudy weather

All photos courtesy Olivia Weigle

Posted by Olivia Weigle

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