Anonymous candidate runs for SGA president

Anonymous candidate Hacky Sack posted this to their Instagram page to announce their presidential run.

As May approaches and the school year begins to wind down, students all around CHS prepare for a very crucial time of year: student government association (SGA) elections. This year, among the students clamoring for senator, treasurer and presidential positions, was a unique candidate: a hacky sack.

Hacky-Sack, an anonymous online presence communicating to the masses primarily through Instagram, is a potential presidential candidate, or at the least, is trying to be.

“My goal with this movement was to create a character that transcended social status and a character who made progress based on things like clever posts and responding to comments…I want people to vote based on who they think has the most merit,” said Hacky Sack in an email interview. During the interview, the owner of the account chose to stay anonymous.

Hacky Sack first announced their intentions to run with an Instagram post on April 19 and quickly garnered student support, encouraging that, “the revolution is now!”

“My platform is to remove all school rules that conflict with the interest of hacky sacks. This includes the ban on hacky sacking. I also want to create a hacky sack team and replace the school mascot with a hacky sack,” said Hacky Sack.

In an Instagram poll by the JagWire, 56 percent of students said they would write in or vote for Hacky Sack. But with elections Friday, April 26, and inanimate objects banned from the ballot, many students are wondering what Hacky Sack’s true goals are.

“It is very clear to everyone, I hope, that the page is satire. The purpose of satire in my opinion is 5% to convey a message and 95% to make people laugh…I am running to make people laugh, give people something to remember, and to try to create a universal figure,” responded Hacky Sack.

Although the “movement” is mostly a farce, Hacky Sack noted they became inspired because of an issue they found with CHS student government elections.

“What I have a problem with is the culture that surrounds SGA elections. Students treat SGA elections like they are required to vote for their friends regardless of how much work they’ve put into the campaign,” said Hacky Sack. “I keep myself anonymous because I above all else want to know that I gathered support not just because my friends felt obligated to support me but because people respect and are entertained by what I am doing.”

Results for the election will be tallied after voting finishes Friday. While Hacky Sack may not make the final cut, their message has still pervaded the school, engendering debate over the process of SGA elections, and whether they are influenced by popularity, rather than qualification. “I’ve talked extensively with the SGA members and organizers in the last two days and they are, in my opinion, doing a good job. I’m poking fun at the culture around SGA…My overall message is that I just want to remind everyone that you might want to help your friend but at the end of the day you should vote based on merit,” said Hacky Sack.

Chelsea is Editor-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year. She is an avid reader.
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