Dear Freshmen,

With a new school year comes a new class of freshmen. The move from middle to high school involves many changes, but luckily, the Class of 2022 is not alone in this transition. In addition to the teachers and counselors helping freshmen, seniors are another resource available for advice.

Current Carrboro seniors reflected on their own experiences moving from middle to high school and offered advice to freshmen on how to succeed at Carrboro.

A common message from seniors was that freshmen should take advantage of opportunities to get involved. High school offers a variety of clubs, sports and other activities, and seniors agreed that freshmen should explore their interests.

“Try as many things as possible, and just try to be interested in as many things as possible. Try to explore everything from sports to arts; anything,” said Elijah Jones.

“Coming here as a junior, I wish I had done a school sport or participated in more school activities so I could have gotten to know people more quickly,” said Ella Shapard.

Another change that comes with moving to high school is the increased time commitments. The combination of extracurricular activities and homework can be overwhelming for many students. Seniors offered advice about how students can balance their time.

“Stay focused, and always remember to do your work. Always turn in your classwork on time,” said Sindely Castaneda.

“I would suggest getting involved in activities, and also taking online classes, because those give you enough time to worry about your other classes that you might have to deal with,” said Spenser Barry.

Seniors also offered their opinions on what makes Carrboro High School different from other schools. They cited the students and their diverse interests as aspects of Carrboro that have contributed to their positive high school experience.

“Something that makes Carrboro unique is the really vibrant student body, because we’re all into all these different things, and we’re really passionate about them,” said Bonnie Stolt.

Finally, seniors also shared their opinions on what members of the Class of 2022 have to look forward to. Seniors pointed to the opportunities to pursue different interests that come with an increased variety of classes.

“Freshmen definitely have a wide range of classes to look forward to, so as you go up through high school and college, you get to kind of figure out what you’re interested in and do more of what you’re interested in, which is something really special,” said Cici Sullenger.

Although the move from middle to high school can seem overwhelming at first, most Carrboro seniors seem to agree that they have found new opportunities in high school. Getting involved in activities, balancing extracurriculars and classwork and taking a variety of classes are a few things that freshmen, and all Carrboro students, can do to make sure they make the most of these opportunities.

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