Vegetarian Options: Food Truck Edition

Tacos Ramirez
4.5/5 stars

As a vegetarian, tacos are one of my go-to staple meals. This being said, all tacos are not created equal. Because I don’t eat meat, getting sufficient protein is an important factor when considering what I’m going to eat. I simply cannot trifle with the shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes thrown together into a tortilla that is offered by some so- called “restaurants.”

At Tacos Ramirez, I feel taken care of as a vegetarian customer; they offer guacamole (at no extra charge), cheese and rice as part of their veggie tacos. My only com- plaint would be a lack of variety as there are only so many ways to mix up a taco. But always fresh, and always delicious, the tacos shine all on their own — although they are best complemented with a squeeze of lime and a drizzle of their signature hot sauce.

5/5 stars

While the Monterrey restaurant is an experience on its own, the Monterrey food truck takes it to an- other level. Somehow, they are able to keep the same great food quality, the same fast timing and the same impeccable service that they uphold at their storefront. What I really appreciate about the Monterrey food truck is its variety for non-meat-eating customers like myself; I have many options to choose from, ranging from tacos to burritos to rice dishes, and they even have a vegetarian chimichanga if you ask! I know…they really did it to us. My only criticism is that you have to get creative if you’re ball- ing on a budget; remember the beauty in ordering side dishes! Their portions do not disappoint.

2.5/5 stars

One quick look at my instagram feed will tell you that I am a sucker for beautiful scenery. Settled in a pleasant grassy area next to the lumber store parking lot — which, let me tell you, can easily be cropped out in a photo —  the Napoli truck is the perfect place to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing slice of pizza. Unfortunately, for me, the beauty stops there. I almost feel as if, sitting under the fairy lights at a perfectly imperfect wooden picnic table across from your lover/best friend/mom/dog, you can forget that your pizza is literally charred and crumbling before your eyes. Maybe wood-fired pizzas aren’t my thing, but I honestly can’t even discuss the nature of the food, because I am immediately overwhelmed with one flavor: charcoal. Despite this, Napoli gets brownie points for its fresh mozzarella and, okay, surprisingly diverse vegetarian section of its menu.

Chirba Chirba
1/5 stars

Given America’s obsession with burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and steak, I quickly realized that foods from other countries were my best friend. Heralding authentically made Chinese dumplings and noodle bowls that look straight out of a Miyazaki film, Chirba Chirba seemed like my dream come true. Their dumplings looked plump and flavorful, their noodle bowls dense and colorful—needless to say I was excited. That is, until, I trot on over to the truck and discover that they offer one singular vegetarian option: sweet potato dumplings.

Putting my aversion to sweet potatoes aside, I order them anyway. Chirba Chirba conveniently does not advertise these dumplings in photo form on their truck, and after receiving them, I see why. Flat and seemingly lifeless, the dumplings were already not giving a good first impression. Unfortunately, I only grew more disappointed from there.

The filling seemed to be entirely comprised of spicy sweet potato mush and, to be quite honest with you, I felt like a literal baby. Here I was, expecting a lovely vegetarian dumpling, only to find myself wiping blended potato from the corners of my mouth and hoping no one sees me consuming this boujee infant cuisine. I have heard good things of their meat dishes, but, needless to say, this vegetarian will not be coming back.

Photo courtesy Roaming Hunger