Thanks, Mom & Dad

Maxwell Luce (Freshman)

“My parents are very, I guess, ‘pro-education’ and ‘pro-knowledge’ and aren’t very indoctrinating. They don’t really care that I have radically different opinions about pretty much everything than them. Building off that, they don’t care too much when I disagree with them, as long as it’s reasonable. Like obviously, if they wanted me to clean my room and I was like ‘no’ they’d be upset, but when it comes to things like cultural values, religion, politics, philosophy, things like that, they don’t really mind that my opinion is different than theirs, which I think is rare among parents.”

James O’Brien (Junior)
“I appreciate my parents for a multitude of reasons, the most primary being that they provide for my most basic needs more than adequately; I think that’s the first thing to ask, and they do it quite well. The second thing, which many great parents do and my parents do, is that they provide multiple opportunities for my intellectual furtherment, whether it be through them or through find- ing someone else, and I’ve always appreciated their investments and care to my development as a person and an intellectual being.”

Thomas Soden (Junior)
“The thing I’m grateful for most about my parents is that they are always caring and supportive of anything I do. Even if they don’t approve of it, they’re still willing to give it a shot. Like, my first time playing la- crosse…they wanted me to play baseball, but they still helped me and supported me, and I’m still playing lacrosse to this day.”

Andrew Hoffman (Sophomore)
“I appreciate that my parents allow me to take opportunities; they’re very open to that, like if I want to try a new sport or a new thing or do a new camp or something, they’re very supportive and they’ll help me see it through. I’m very thankful that they allow me to take these opportunities and that they can give them to me. There’s this summer camp I went to called “Camp Carolina,” and it’s a pretty expensive camp to go to, but I think I learned a lot through it and grown, so I’m very thankful they allowed me to go there.”