Teacher’s Two Cents

The JagWire asked these teachers this question: “If you could give one piece of advice to seniors before  college, what would it be?”

Ms. Kendra

“Be the change; take one breath at a time; be true to yourself; accept the things you cannot change; enjoy life… you only have one.”

Ms. Williams

“‘You may find happiness by realizing that life is a journey, not a destination’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Live in the moment, find something positive in every day and learn from the obstacles in your journey. Lastly, stop comparing yourself and your aspirations to the lives of other people. Trust in who you are and the journey that you are meant to take.”

Mr. Schendt

“Find your people, find your interests and embrace that to the fullest. Far too often students are given messages about what to pursue in college that do not actually benefit the holistic person. So my advice is simple: find the interests that make you happy and surround yourself with the people who will support you, both as peers and as mentors.”

Ms. Johnson
“Find a place in your life for doing something you love, even in the busiest of times.”

Ms. Jackson

“Go to class!”

Mr. Klakovich 

“Keep your eyes open to all the amazing opportunities that become available to you. College is much more than taking classes; it’s a time to experiment and test yourself. Don’t be so cautious; say YES!”

Ms. Paige

“Always be prepared for class…READ THE NOTES YOU TAKE!!!”

Ms. Schrader

“Be open to new experiences and activities; keep your chin up; make new friends; count on your reliable friends and family when things get tough; always make your education a priority. Making good decisions for the next chapter of your life will be very important for you in ten years!”

Ms. Watson

“Take classes that interest you, even if they aren’t always practical. You never know how or when something can change your life.”

Mr. Rahn

“My advice would be to explore as many activities and organizations as you can in your college/university. Also, the social aspects of being college student are a huge part of the experience, so enjoy that fully, but don’t let that become the priority over academics; find balance!”

Ms. Bulleri

“Make good choices, and be sure to vote.”

Madame Gaut

“I think one big advice would be to never keep for tomorrow what can be done right now. Don’t ever procrastinate.”

Mr. Cone

“The first year of college is bound to be tough emotionally. Don’t get down on yourself when you feel lonely and do feel free to reach out to mental health professionals, friends, family members and former teachers if you need a lift.”

Mr. Jester

“Start work the day it’s assigned, and you’ll be pleased with the pace of college life.”

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