Spring Sports in Review

As Spring sports at Carrboro begin to end, the JagWire interviewed some players about their season. Each player below was asked the following questions:

1: How do the goals that your team set before the season compare to the results of the season?

2: What’s been the highlight of the year with your teammates not on the court/field/track?

Here are some interview highlights from Carrboro’s spring athletes.

Elijah Jones, Track and Field

“I feel like we, as a sprint squad, set extremely high goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year because we know that we are all capable of racing with some of the fastest runners in the state. The one thing that impacts our achievement of these ambitious goals is injuries. Track season, being the longest of any sport, wears down your body so much which lead to common injuries. Being able to prepare for these injuries and limit them as possible, allows for our team to maintain our goals and achieve them throughout the year The sprint squad is a small group of runners; kind of like our own little family. With food being a big component for a successful athlete, we sometimes eat together before or after a big meet in order to either clear our minds before a race.”

Carter Macklin, Track and Field

“A lot of the goals that we set at the beginning of the year have been met. We placed top three in conference and we are taking a large team to the regional invitational. Many of us set personal goals like breaking personal records or beating specific teams and for many of us those goals have been met. We also set a goal to be a productive and organized team and for the most part, we have succeeded. Meets we have hosted have gone  well, invitationals have been well organized and practices have gone smoothly.”

Zach Anderson, Tennis

“My goals have been met so far as we have advanced to the state quarterfinals and we have five players still in the individual state tournament. And going to Sonic for dinner and bonding with my teammates was also [a highlight].”

Joseph Kelly, Lacrosse

“We set out to win the conference championship this year because our team hasn’t won a conference championship in its history. After going 4-0 in conference, we secured the conference champion- ship over Voyager Academy and J.F. Webb High School The highlight of the year off the field was celebrating after the big wins against Chapel Hill High and J.H. Rose.”

Shayma Ouazzani, Softball

“Our goal is always to improve on our individual goals that we have for ourselves. We reached that but some- thing we didn’t reach was winning states. However, our team has made great improvement from past years for softball.”