Pick Up the Pace

Three minutes. That’s all the time that Carrboro High School students have between each class. Three minutes may seem like a lot, but when you factor in using the restroom, grabbing a quick snack, dropping something off at the office and, of course, the slow walkers, the time you need increases.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the amount of time between classes. However, we can change how we walk in the hallways. School is stressful enough; walking through the halls between classes should not contribute to that stress.

The hallway between class periods is not the time or place to congregate with your friends. Although class time may not be important to everyone, please respect the time of the people who feel that it is. When you force people to walk around you, it holds up the tens of people behind you, causing a traffic jam! Social time is not in between classes; rather, socializing should be reserved for lunch and after or before school. Better yet, why don’t you walk and talk at the same time?

Another thing to consider is your pace while walking through the halls. We all have someplace to be, and wouldn’t you like to get to class on time, maybe even with a minute to spare? Take the people behind you into consideration and pick up the pace.

Next time you are walking in the hallways, please consider the time of other students around you.

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