CHS Has Chickens?

Many students at CHS don’t realize that the school actually has its own chickens. And a further surprise to many is that we have had them since January of this year.

Stefan Klakovich, CHS environmental science teacher, looks after the chickens with the help of Eco-action student volunteers. Klakovich and the students started building the coop a year ago, in anticipation of the chickens’ arrival.

The coop, which is situated in the garden by the tennis courts and outside the math wing, took so long to make due to its complexity. It needed to be self sufficient because since there isn’t someone who checks on the chickens consistently, they needed to be safe without supervision.

Some benefits of having the chickens at Carrboro High is that they can eat our garbage and waste. The chickens turn the waste into fertilizer, and they also produce eggs that the school can then sell to farmers markets in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. This money has helped to pay for the chickens.

Along with fundraising from Mr. Klakovich classes, Whole foods gave the school a 2,000 dollar donation for the garden and chicken coop.

Mr. Klakovich plans to get new chickens once all of the current chickens pass away. He also believes that someday he will be able to get pigs at our school, but that may be long in the future. A more feasible animal to obtain could be bunnies.

At Eco-action, which takes place on Tuesdays after school, students get the chance to take care of the chickens, plant in the garden and fix structures around the coop. Mr. Klakovich believes that these experiences are a good way to expose students to the agricultural system.

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