Who Will Be the Next C-Town President?

With SGA elections today, April 27, it is time to get to know the candidates. Here are some brief Q&As with each presidential candidate.

Tommy Holt

Why are you running?

I’ve been in SGA for two years now, and while doing this I’ve been working closely with Niya and interacted with the people, and I think I can do that job well. I want to continue what Niya has started with inclusion. I want to see different people at SGA events because [currently] at these events you can see that it’s very cliquey. I also want SGA to be more organized and more productive because people often say that “student government doesn’t do anything,” and especially that “senators don’t do anything.”

What are your platforms?

Inclusion, dialogue, action, spirit!

One critique of you has been that you are not passionate about SGA. What is your response to that?

I definitely do care about SGA, first of all. I can see why people make that conclusion based on my personality, since I’m sort of quiet. I can say that I go to every single student government meeting and event. I’m one of the hardest working people there. I’m not as emotional as other people, but that doesn’t mean that I love SGA less than anyone else.

Carlisle Mills (interviewed via email)

Why are you running?

I am running for [SGA] president because this is something I have wanted for a long time. I have put so much effort into my campaign since my freshman year. I feel like I possess all the qualities that a good president needs. I am fun, easy to talk to, outgoing and hardworking. I have a good connection with a lot of people, and I can speak Spanish. I also never give up. I have run for a position in SGA every single year. It was really hard coming to a new school as a freshman because I hardly knew everyone since I came from a different middle school than a majority of the other freshmen. I want to make sure people have an easy time finding friends and an easy time finding who they want to be as a person. It would mean everything to me to be student body president, and I would work my hardest to cater to the needs and desires of my peers.

What are your platforms?

My platform includes:

  • Opening up the school store again
  • Fun Fridays (music in the cafeteria that appeals to all of the student body)
  • Class competitions such as decorating hallways and fundraisers (prize being pizza or ice cream parties)
  • Multiple spirit weeks (themes chosen by students)
  • Pep rallies (representing fall, winter and spring sports)
  • Helping the community (food drives, hygiene drives, school supplies drives, winter clothing drives)
  • Becoming more eco-friendly (ingraining composting, reducing, reusing and recycling into Carrboro)
  • Inclusivity (making sure everyone’s opinion is heard)

One critique of you is that you’re too much of a ‘goofball’ to become the president. How do you respond to that?

I enjoy being funny and making people laugh, but when it comes to student government, that is something I take unbelievably seriously. I have worked so hard to get to where I am. I have straight As, and I am the president of two environmental clubs. I am also a part of the National Honors Society. I have already met with the administration to see how feasible my platform is which shows that, although I am still a candidate, I want to make sure I am not making any false promises. Student government is not something I take as a joke, and, if elected president, it is something I will devote all my effort to.

Ojas Patwardhan

Why are you running?

I’m running for president because I really like this school, but there are things that can be improved in terms of communication between students and faculty. I think when SGA was created, its purpose was to create a communication pathway between the faculty and the students, and the perception of it has become more of a party planning committee instead of a communication pathway. I want to change that but also publicize what we do because a lot of students feel like [SGA] serves only for someone’s résumé and not there for its purpose. Because of that, people just vote for who they like, and I want to make this school genuinely better.

What are your platforms?

I want to implement two town hall meetings per quarter where students can come in and give actual suggestions about what they want us to do. Right now we have a suggestions box, but no one knows about that, and nobody is going to take the time to actually write out what they want done. I also want to strive for more diversity in activites. It’s really sad that there are only two minorities running for SGA candidacy. Other than that, SGA is completely white, and I don’t think that’s representavtive of a “liberally minded” school.

One critique of you is your activity in the Carrboro community, or lack thereof. How do you respond to that?

I’ve gone to most of the football games and some basketball games, especially the ones against Chapel Hill and East. I’m active in theater, and I’ve come out to the plays. I definitely love Carrboro, and I love to see people do crazy things like when DeAndre dunks and everyone gets super hype, and it’s always cool to watch. Regardless, there’s always more to be done no matter who you are.