Who Will Be the Next C-Town President?

With SGA elections today, April 27, it is time to get to know the candidates. Here are some brief Q&As with each presidential candidate.

Tommy Holt

Why are you running?

I’ve been in SGA for two years now, and while doing this I’ve been working closely with Niya and interacted with the people, and I think I can do that job well. I want to continue what Niya has started with inclusion. I want to see different people at SGA events because [currently] at these events you can see that it’s very cliquey. I also want SGA to be more organized and more productive because people often say that “student government doesn’t do anything,” and especially that “senators don’t do anything.”

What are your platforms?

Inclusion, dialogue, action, spirit!

One critique of you has been that you are not passionate about SGA. What is your response to that?

I definitely do care about SGA, first of all. I can see why people make that conclusion based on my personality, since I’m sort of quiet. I can say that I go to every single student government meeting and event. I’m one of the hardest working people there. I’m not as emotional as other people, but that doesn’t mean that I love SGA less than anyone else.

Carlisle Mills (interviewed via email)

Why are you running?

I am running for [SGA] president because this is something I have wanted for a long time. I have put so much effort into my campaign since my freshman year. I feel like I possess all the qualities that a good president needs. I am fun, easy to talk to, outgoing and hardworking. I have a good connection with a lot of people, and I can speak Spanish. I also never give up. I have run for a position in SGA every single year. It was really hard coming to a new school as a freshman because I hardly knew everyone since I came from a different middle school than a majority of the other freshmen. I want to make sure people have an easy time finding friends and an easy time finding who they want to be as a person. It would mean everything to me to be student body president, and I would work my hardest to cater to the needs and desires of my peers.

What are your platforms?

My platform includes:

  • Opening up the school store again
  • Fun Fridays (music in the cafeteria that appeals to all of the student body)
  • Class competitions such as decorating hallways and fundraisers (prize being pizza or ice cream parties)
  • Multiple spirit weeks (themes chosen by students)
  • Pep rallies (representing fall, winter and spring sports)
  • Helping the community (food drives, hygiene drives, school supplies drives, winter clothing drives)
  • Becoming more eco-friendly (ingraining composting, reducing, reusing and recycling into Carrboro)
  • Inclusivity (making sure everyone’s opinion is heard)

One critique of you is that you’re too much of a ‘goofball’ to become the president. How do you respond to that?

I enjoy being funny and making people laugh, but when it comes to student government, that is something I take unbelievably seriously. I have worked so hard to get to where I am. I have straight As, and I am the president of two environmental clubs. I am also a part of the National Honors Society. I have already met with the administration to see how feasible my platform is which shows that, although I am still a candidate, I want to make sure I am not making any false promises. Student government is not something I take as a joke, and, if elected president, it is something I will devote all my effort to.

Ojas Patwardhan

Why are you running?

I’m running for president because I really like this school, but there are things that can be improved in terms of communication between students and faculty. I think when SGA was created, its purpose was to create a communication pathway between the faculty and the students, and the perception of it has become more of a party planning committee instead of a communication pathway. I want to change that but also publicize what we do because a lot of students feel like [SGA] serves only for someone’s résumé and not there for its purpose. Because of that, people just vote for who they like, and I want to make this school genuinely better.

What are your platforms?

I want to implement two town hall meetings per quarter where students can come in and give actual suggestions about what they want us to do. Right now we have a suggestions box, but no one knows about that, and nobody is going to take the time to actually write out what they want done. I also want to strive for more diversity in activites. It’s really sad that there are only two minorities running for SGA candidacy. Other than that, SGA is completely white, and I don’t think that’s representavtive of a “liberally minded” school.

One critique of you is your activity in the Carrboro community, or lack thereof. How do you respond to that?

I’ve gone to most of the football games and some basketball games, especially the ones against Chapel Hill and East. I’m active in theater, and I’ve come out to the plays. I definitely love Carrboro, and I love to see people do crazy things like when DeAndre dunks and everyone gets super hype, and it’s always cool to watch. Regardless, there’s always more to be done no matter who you are.



Totally, Absolutely Legitimate Horoscopes

Aries (March 21-April 19)

The GMO-free cosmic forces of the universe suggest that soon you may find yourself tempted to be “healthy” or “productive.” Though these concepts sound appealing to your more rational side, you will find that sitting inside all day binging Netflix is the best way to align your inner energies.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The energies of romance are on your side today; your love interest will make awkward eye contact with you for a few life-altering moments. You should definitely propose on the spot, as the stars are clearly aligned in your favor. If you are rejected, it is likely due to your love interest’s chakras being conflicted, and you should not take it too personally.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Though your friends beg you to stop making bad jokes and puns, you should most definitely continue to do so. The forces of nature are on your side, and every distasteful pun you make will secretly bring joy and laughter into your friends’ hearts. When they stop talking to you, it’s because they are in denial of your comedic genius. Don’t worry — they will come around eventually. Your humor rejuvenates and uplifts the inner souls of those around you, so don’t hold back.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You may think that it’s a good idea study for that upcoming test, but the elusive energies of luck are definitely on your side, so you should spend your time procrastinating instead. With the forces of fortune on your side, you will most certainly pull a high A; there’s no need to look over that silly twelve page review sheet.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

In the near future, you may be tempted to impulsively buy something that others say is a waste of money. In actuality, their minds are clouded by a negative force, which will prevent them from seeing the truth in the situation. You should follow your heart and purchase whatever you like as it is the destiny the star forces have
decided for you. Saving up money to be “financially secure” is a concept that only appeals to weak-willed people who are not truly living life to its fullest.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You may be feeling restless or under the weather recently. This is due to your classmates emanating negative energies, which are actually influencing your soul’s spiritual balances. The best solution to this problem is to be a positive force in your classmates’ lives by bringing them happiness and inner fulfillment, which will give your soul peace in return. Singing a few uplifting songs during class time would be a highly effective way to lift this negative aura, but if this is too forward for your tastes, there are more subtle methods. Leaning forward and chanting mantras into your classmate’s ear during a test can have an amazing impact on reducing their stress,
and they will surely thank you for it afterward. You may be kicked out of the room for “being a disturbance,” but no great revolution ever goes without its complications.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

The cosmic forces are on your side today, and you should take some great risks. Approach a stranger! Buy some thing on an impulse! Walk to NYC! Drop out of school! Your shy disposition holds you back, but go forward with confidence as nothing can go wrong today. Do not listen to those who doubt you as they are simply trying to hold you back.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

One of your friends will soon come to you with an issue of utmost importance and will ask for your advice; you are someone who is more than qualified to help them out, so assure them that they have come to the right person. Take your friend to an empty room, then ask them to meditate with you; their problem can be solved by dissolving negative energies, so with a bit of meditation, any issue they have will be resolved within minutes. If your friend refuses to meditate, force them to. They are just in denial and will benefit from your spiritual genius.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You will likely have an upcoming paper to write in your English class. Instead of actually writing it yourself, you should have your little brother/sister/pet do it instead as their natural energies are currently more aligned with the stars than yours are, and they will have greater success than you ever could. It’s not cheating, since you are merely unlucky due to your soul’s misalignment.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Though getting a full night’s sleep is said to be healthy, the cosmic energies suggest otherwise. Staying up late and procrastinating for several hours is the most effective way you can find your purpose in life as the earthly forces have deemed it so. Your inner spirit will be most in tune with the universe if you get as little sleep as humanly possible.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Due to negative energies plaguing your household, it would be a good idea for you to burn large amounts of incense in your room to lessen their strength. The spiritual power incense holds is well-known. The smokier your room is, the stronger your barrier against negative energy. If you are worried about the fire alarm going off, feel free to disable it.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Recently you may have had issues connecting with other people and properly displaying your emotions. This issue is easily solved through interpretive dance. As dance is a highly emotional art form, you can easily convey what you are feeling to those around you. The next time your teacher gives you a pop quiz or a bad grade, connect to them through spiritually-charged choreography. No one can resist the power of dance.

In Appreciation of Canine Companions

Let’s talk about dogs. Is there a better animal on this earth? No. And this is why.

Sometimes I stare into my white lab mix’s face while she’s sleeping beside me and lovingly tell her, “you are descended from wolves.”

Abbey, my dog, is the calmest and sweetest creature on the planet (of course I’m not biased), emphasizing to me the irony of her razor sharp canines and causing me to inform her every so often of my incredulity.

Abbey’s useless canines are thanks to the phylogenetic history of her species, and they highlight how similar and yet so different she is from from her evolutionary predecessor, the wolf.

For a long time I failed to appreciate the fact that dogs evolved to be human companions. (As a human, I am incredibly honored.)

Most scientists think the modern dog emerged around 30,000 years ago from “proto-dogs,” ( look them up — they’re both cute and terrifying) the population of which consisted of all the wolves whose fear and aggression levels were low enough to allow them to follow migrating human civilizations and eat their trash. Gross, but an effective domestication strategy.

Ever since, dogs have been integral to the success of the human race. No exaggeration. Dogs likely helped humans hunt their first big animals, such as woolly mammoths. In fact, the effectiveness of hunting dogs may have been the reason humans were able to driveNeanderthals out of Europe roughly around this time same period.

But dogs are more than just a human tool. Dogs and humans share a unique bond, a bond emphasized by pet owners for centuries but just recently proven by science. A 2016 study from the University of Lincoln in England found that dogs can recognize human emotions by looking at pictures of strangers’ faces. They, like people, gravitate towards the left side of the face, which is often more expressive. No such ability was found for dogs and any other animal, including closely related primates.

Though few societies today rely on dogs for hunting food, the species continues to provide humans other ways. Drug sniffing dogs can detect unexploded land-mines in areas with a history of conflict. Dogs are even being trained to smell the early stages of cancer in patients’ pee or notify diabetics when their blood sugar is too low. When was the last time your cat saved your life?

There are not enough words in the English language to describe how grateful I am towards the dog. They are truly an incredible species in both history and ability. I challenge you to name an animal so loyal; so diverse; so helpful and yet so kind. (Frankly, I know dogs with better values than some humans.)

On a slightly different note, dogs are a delightful case of evolution in which cooperation and domesticity were considered fitter than aggression and strength.

I don’t mean to be a cat hater, I swear, but in my mind there is no comparison.

Hurricane Heist is a theft of two hours

WARNING: Spoilers ahead (but you likely won‘t watch this movie anyway)

After watching the trailer for The Hurricane Heist, I was dead (as was half of the cast). In just two minutes and ten seconds, I saw the “no witnesses” trope, the “where is she” meme and some “let’s go save the world” shenanigans. Those are all real quotes, by the way.

There was also some joke about citizens of the state of Alabama owning five billion firearms, but whatever. Already, The Hurricane Heist is shaping up to be another crappy action movie in which the special effects take priority over the screenplay.

Unsurprisingly, The Hurricane Heist flopped in theaters around the country, not earning even one tenth of its budget on opening weekend.

So how was it, really? I had to find out for myself.

The actual movie aside, my experience watching The Hurricane Heist was probably one of the best viewing experiences I’ve had at a theater—simply because I was the only one there. The seats were also pretty comfy. To be fair, it was a Tuesday night showing at 10:00 pm, but my complete solitude speaks to the overall underperformance of the movie.

The characters were a mixture of bizarre and boring. The strangest by far was main character and crusty-money babysitter Casey Corbin. Five minutes into her introduction, Corbin rams a truck into an already crashed car (with people still  inside it) and proceeds to drive straight through a tobacco field while cracking a smile and engaging in awkward side conversations.

The main antagonist is the archyetpal one who wants money, so he tries to steal cash that was on its way to be shredded. However, he doesn’t get any of it because he’s the bad guy, and you’ve got to stop the bad guy, right? Theft is theft and theft is wrong, but when the plot revolves around stopping someone who tries to take money that belongs to no one, it’s strange to see the main characters start to systematically kill off the bad guys.

To the movie’s credit, there are a few aspects of the story that are much less laughable. The logic the characters used in making their decisions and their motivations were really well fleshed out. The information the characters had about what was going on and what to do next based on that information felt reasonable and made sense for the most part. In a scene where a Corbin wanted to take a baddy’s firearm, she explains briefly that she can use her pistol with no ammunition as a bluff.

Instances where characters explain themselves or talk about some plan of theirs can seem lazy from a storytelling perspective, but it seemed to fit well enough. Then again, there were also times char- acters would do really dumb stuff, like shooting at the one person they need alive or deciding to build a car bomb by looting supplies from of the local Lowe’s.

The dialogue was painful to listen to. Boring conversations were there only for some basic character introduction and provided very little background into the lives of the characters. Thinking back  to the very beginning of the movie, Corbin and the undercover main antagonist discuss something unmemorable when suddenly the evil villain mentions something about Corbin not knowing many things about him. Boring and unoriginal work perfectly together to make me want to leave the theatre.

What really ruined the movie (if you didn’t already consider it ruined) was the ending. At this point, some other inferior reviewer might write something along the lines of “I really don’t want to spoil the ending, but…” and then go on to say something vague that infuriates the reader more.

However, The Hurricane Heist ended abysmally, so here goes.

All the bad guys die. Literally all of them. Unlike other ridiculous thrillers, The Hurricane Heist has a wide array of somewhat relatable antagonists you get to bond with for the first ninety percent of the movie. They may all be unoriginal archetypes (no surprise there), but they also felt real enough to deserve an end other than a ridiculous cop out. However, just as the bad guys are about to escape with literal tons of money, the good guys hunt them down to save the girl. Either they shoot them somehow while riding in tractor units or force them into the storm.

Overall, The Hurricane Heist is not horrible, but also not quite okay. To put it in perspective, it’s not the worst way you could spend two hours, but more likely than not it would be more productive to binge watch the Veggie Tales television series in that same amount of time.

A Spotlight on the Sports: Josh Singleton

When did you start playing ultimate frisbee?

I started throwing the ultimate frisbee when my brother was in sixth grade, so I was in second grade, and I started playing when I was eleven.

What are the Carrboro Clams?

The Carrboro Clams are the Carrboro High School ultimate frisbee team; it’s a club and it’s fun.

Why are you called the Carrboro Clams?

We are the clams because when Carrboro High School was deciding their mascot, the clams were the runner up mascot choice. So we’re the clams. Because we’re a club we can’t use the Jaguars as our mascot because we’re  not a school sponsored team.

Who are the team’s coaches?

Head Coach Skylair … he played Ultimate at UNC and he plays club ultimate. There’s three assistant coaches: Matt Oliveti, who plays club ultimate, and then two UNC players, Mark Rodner and Nathan Dierhuys.

When did you start playing for the Carrboro Clams?

I picked up with them my eighth grade year because they were short on numbers and my brother, Matt, played on the team. I was put in the roster at the end of the season, and now I’m officially on the team

What is your favorite part about ultimate frisbee?

I really like their spirit of the game idea, which is that the most important part of the game is to be respectful and be a good person and do the right thing instead of just being rude to other players and trying to get in their face. So it’s really different from other sports where people are just hostile.

Do you think you are going to continue to play after high school?

I will, I’m trying to continue. A lot of colleges have ultimate teams. So… I mean that’s not a reason I would go to college but it’s definitely a big part of my life.

Would you say that ultimate frisbee is an overlooked sport? If so, why?

I think it is overlooked. I think it’s like frowned upon in the social eye, but I think it’s really enjoyable. I think a lot of people have fun doing it, and people should give it a shot. I think people see it as a nerdy or sort of un-athletic sport. Maybe at beginner levels that’s true, but at advanced levels it’s really competitive and intense and I think people just don’t see that.

Is there anything that you want people who don’t play ultimate to know?

It’s really fun. It’s really competitive and people should give it a shot before they judge people for doing it.

New Team, Big Shoes

Another year for the CHS women’s soccer team’s season has started, and it started on a good note. With a lot of success so far, the team is starting off the season strong.

Like all high school teams, there is a mixture of athletes from all grades. From new freshmen to veteran seniors, there can be pretty different perspectives on the team and its players. Katie Rhodes is a new freshman on the team but not new to soccer. She has been playing for years, including throughout middle school and on club teams.

“At first, I didn’t think we weren’t going to do so well, but starting at our practices, we’ve been doing a lot better,” said Rhodes when asked about the season ahead.

There are other players who would agree that the season will be successful, but realize they are treading on new turf. With seniors from last year graduating, the soccer team is taking on a new wave of freshmen; the team has to, in a sense, start over when it comes to introductions and trust. The team has big shoes to fill, coming from a track record of three consecutive championships in the last three years. Trust and cooperation, between everyone, is a necessary component to continuing that record.

“I think it’s hard to tell. I think we have a lot of potential and we just have to see where it goes,” said Lauren Gilliam, senior team captain.

“I think, right now, the problem is just that we don’t really know each other that well, so I think we just need to develop a mutual trust and once we do that, it’ll be a lot better,” said Ashley Hong, sophomore team member.

Even with all the new freshmen, this year’s leaders will draw from their past three and a half years of experience to guide their team in the right direction.

There is a lot that comes with being a senior on the team, and Gilliam likes that.

“I guess I like having more responsibility,” said Gilliam.

Being a leader means that you are being looked up to by all the people around you. All the players, especially younger players, rely on their captains and older teammates to be pillars of stability and confidence as they go through the season.

“I definitely look up to all the seniors for advice, especially when it comes to soccer. But not just inside soccer, outside of soccer too. I’ll talk to them too if I need help,” said Hong.

There is a general consensus among team members that the season ahead will be a good one. With the whole team dynamic changing, however, there will be some struggles that the team will have to overcome.

Tokyo 2022 (For Real)

Claire McDaniels, sophomore, trains approximately five hours a day and plans to make a splash at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Though not literally, of course.) Last year, McDaniels won the 1A/2A Diving State Championship for CHS as a freshman, and she plans to take her talent to the next level.

McDaniels is a competitive diver who sacrifices much of her free time for her sport.

“I go to morning practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. And then everyday after school,” said McDaniels. “Practice is two hours in the morning, three at night, and an hour after school on Wednesday and Saturday of weights. On the weekends I train two to four hours in one day,” said McDaniels via email.

She misses first and second period to dive, and last year she left school early for the same reason. To her, the time commitment is worth it.

“I dive at Duke, all the way in Durham. I enjoy it a lot… and I’m very passionate about it,” said McDaniels.

Still, it can be difficult to balance diving and academics.

“I just got back from a trip right now, and I’m kind of dealing with the stress of missing all of [school],” said McDaniels. “[I’ve traveled to] Florida, Texas, South Carolina, across the ocean… England.”

McDaniels’ practices consist of serious stretching, a warm up on the trampoline and tumbling. Finally, she practices the dives that she plans on performing in meets.

McDaniels’ interest in diving first piqued when her family introduced the sport to her at a young age; her brother and mom dove in college.

“I started diving because when I was little I saw my brother dive, and I thought it looked really cool and so I tried it out! Everyone in my family has dove a little bit. During the summer they all asked me to come watch them do their own tricks off our summer league diving board,” said McDaniels in an email.

McDaniels explained that getting into the Olympic trials is often the most difficult part of the Olympic experience.

“We start out with going to regionals, [and] this qualifies us to go to zones. At zones we get qualified for nationals. Then at nationals we go through a prelims, semifinals, and finals type of competition. After nationals you have to score and get a certain place in your age group in order to be qualified to go to trials,” said McDaniels via an email.

Still, her journey isn’t over once she reaches trials.

“At trials you do the same thing as national, and if you place first or second then you get put on the Olympic team and go to the Olympics,” said McDaniels via email.

McDaniels has experience with this process before, and she placed well in important competitions.

“Last year I went through this and got myself qualified for junior world nationals, which are equivalent to the Olympics but are in the opposite years of them, ” said McDaniels.

Although not admitted onto the Olympic team yet, McDaniels is confident that she’ll make the cut and represent America in the upcoming years in diving.

Seven podcasts you should check out

Podcasts are a totally underrated form of entertainment and education in my opinion. They’re perfect for long road trips and plane rides, or even just for a fun distraction on a more everyday basis. And, I promise, podcasts are not as boring as you may think. Here are the JagWire’s suggestions.

Up First

Want to feel like you have life on the ropes and not the other way around? Listen to Up First while you get ready in the morning or on the way to school! This ten minute podcast from NPR runs down the top three stories of the day every weekday morning in a way that is comprehensive yet accessible. It’s a great way to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed by the countless headlines you find as you scroll through the news on your phone.

Episode suggestion: whichever one is most recent!

This American Life

Is there a voice more soothing than that of Ira Glass? I think not. Besides helping me fall asleep at night, Glass (the host of This American Life) is a wonderful storyteller. His radio show is intriguing, genuine, funny and poignant. This American Life sometimes covers stories that are fairly obscure (like the true meaning of summer camp or the tale of a car dealership in New Jersey trying to meet its monthly quota) and other times shares ones that are equally relevant (for example, differing views on immigration or Trump’s America).

Episode suggestion: “No Coincidence, No Story!”

The Moth Radio Hour

Another fantastic podcast for story-lovers is The Moth Radio Hour. Storytellers switch every week, and you never know what a story is going to be about until you listen. Sometimes the recordings are live, sometimes the episodes are themed and sometimes it’s just a stranger telling you something crazy, terrifying or emotional that happened to them — but it’s always good.

Episode suggestion: “The Prince and I”

Modern Love

The sister podcast to its namesake column in The New York Times, Modern Love is a guilty pleasure for all us hopeless romantics. Modern Love the column features new write-in essays every week on, in their words, “love, loss and redemption.” The podcast version includes a reading of a particular essay by a well-known actor, as well as a follow up with the essay’s author and comments by column editor Daniel Jones on why he chose to print this particular essay. The follow-up makes the podcast  stand out from the column to me, especially for essays that may be decades old.

Episode suggestion: “An Empty Heart”

Foreign Language (Radio Ambulante)

This suggestion is a little more broad. If you’re taking a foreign language class or just trying to keep up a particular language, find a foreign-language podcast that suits your fancy. Even if you don’t understand everything, following how real people speak will improve your skills. For Spanish speakers I suggest Radio Ambulante, a longer weekly podcast that follows interesting stories in Latin America and the rest of the Spanish speaking world (including the US).

Episode suggestion: “In the Dark”

FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

I’m a junkie for FiveThirtyEight in general, and their new-ish politics podcast came as a blessing during the most recent election. It’s conversation style, and I like how the informality takes a certain edge off of pressing political issues.

Episode suggestion: “Does Trump’s mood matter?”

S Town

While I never got into Serial, this podcast follows a similar story-like format. And boy, is it a weird story. Forc those of you who like dark, real-life mysteries, this is 100 percent up your ally. Morbid, a little sweet and certainly complicated, S Town will keep you on your toes and possibly awake at night.

Episode suggestion: Episode I

Illustration by Nina Scott-Farquharson

The JagWire’s yearly restaurant Recommendations

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill? Many Chapel Hillians have one restaurant that they believe is the best. Whenever families are deciding where to eat, some family members have strong opinions on where is best. So, next time your family has to make a decision, consider the following restaurants and opinions of others at Carrboro High School.

Do you like pizza? There are a couple of delicious options for you. Mellow Mushroom combines the creative and hipster cultures of America with delicious Italian flavors. One of the most famous Mellow Mushroom pizzas is the chicken pie, comprised of BBQ chicken, mozzarella, cheddar, caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon, finished with a BBQ sauce swirl.

The next option is the Napoli wood-fired pizza food truck in Carrboro. Although this isn’t a restaurant, their pizza is some of the best pizza you can get in North Carolina. Napoli imports the majority of its ingredients from Naples, Italy. It was founded in 2014 when the founders built their own wood-fired pizza oven that can cook a pizza in two minutes.

Another option is 411 West, located on the west end of Franklin Street in the heart of Chapel Hill. 411 strives to provide the value of quality service and outstanding food at an affordable price. 411 isn’t as well-known for its pizza, but more for its appetizing Italian dishes including lemon linguine, lasagne bolognese, chicken marsala and gnocchi.

If you aren’t a pizza lover, how about some Mexican food? Apart from the common chain options of Chipotle and Moe’s, there are numerous local Mexican restaurants in Chapel Hill that will please
the palate.

Carrburritos was an idea brought to Carrboro from California by owners Cail and Bill Fairbanks. In California, there were burrito joints around every corner. Cail created all of Carrburritos’ recipes with the advice of a friend who had lived in Mexico. Now, Carrburitos finds itself among the top Mexican food restaurants in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area.

Another great Mexican option is Armadillo Grill; many CHS seniors love going to Armadillo Grill during the lunch period to pick up a quick taco.

If you are not much of a Mexican or Italian-food fan, maybe burgers or Chinese food can cure your hunger. One of the most famous burger joints in Chapel Hill, since 2013 when it first opened shop, is Al’s Burger Shack. Al’s Burger Shack has crafted a mouthwatering menu that has some of the most creative burger creations around, including the Kenny J, Melly Mel, Paco, Sally Mack and even a hot dog, the Dirty Dog. It even includes a great selection of sides to accompany your burger, including sweet potato fries, crinkle cut fries and the “shack salad.” And, for vegetarians, there is the healthy Kaarin burger.

Another strong burger spot is Hickory Tavern, located under the Hampton Inn and across from Gourmet Kingdom.

Transition facilitator at Carrboro High, Lorrie Marro, says that the best thing about Hickory Tavern is the “amazing sports atmosphere.” She also recommends their delicious lemon pepper wings.

A popular Carrboro Chinese restaurant is Jade Palace. It is known for its modern interpretation of classical dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. They also have a delivery service that is very convenient.

Another Chinese offering is Gourmet Kingdom. While a bit pricier, Gourmet Kingdom provides enormous servings of food in each of their dishes. With 150 options, there’s something for everyone.

Chinese restaurants and burgers are great choices to take into consideration when choosing where you want to eat because they are sure to fill you up.

Choosing where you want to eat out is an important task that can take time. But, with the proper consideration of all options, it will be impossible for you not to find an enjoyable meal here in Carrboro or Chapel Hill. Hopefully you can turn to this helpful guide the next time you need help deciding.