Students and faculty get their heads in the game

On Friday, March 9, the annual student-faculty basketball game will take place in the gymnasium. To make time for the game at the end of the day, there is an adjusted schedule.

Mackenzie Cox, vice president of SGA, explained the significance of the event.

“It’s something we’ve also done, and it’s one of those traditions that you work through, and something you get to in the last point of the year,” said Cox.

At the moment of Cox’s interview, there was only one female teacher signed up for the faculty team.

“I would like to give a shoutout to Mrs. [Robin] Bulleri, because right now she is the only female teacher,” said Cox.

Since then, English teacher Sibel Uzun-Byrnes has signed up to participate as well.

The confirmed list of student players includes Hugo Schuer, Karl Naomi, Neel Mahadevan and Jonah Perrin.

The game consists of two halves that are eight minutes long, with a ten minute halftime show in between. During the half, there is a half court contest composed of representatives from each grade level, as well as a dunk contest.

The student coach is senior Joe Zhang, and the faculty coach is Dexter Croom. Beverly Rudolph, CHS principal, Chad Osborne senior, and Tommy Holt, junior, will serve as referees.

UPDATE: The final score was students 29 and faculty 27.

Photo by Jade Simpson

Posted by Cinthya Plazas

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