Failed New Year’s resolutions

Every New Year, people across the world discuss what they will do to grow in the new year. However, by the time March rolls around, most New Year’s Resolutions are left in the dust, leaving many — including CHS students — to wonder if a new year really does mean a new me.

Katie Brannum, sophomore, made the New Year’s Resolution to make her bed, be more cleanly and have better organization habits.

“I need to be cleaner and more organized, so I don’t have to clean my room every weekend,” said Brannum.

However, Brannum quickly forgot her New Year’s Resolution by the second day of 2018. She decided that the resolution was too much effort to maintain and that it would be best to fall back on her old habits. Brannum thinks New Year’s Resolutions are pointless and forgotten within a few days. She also believes there is no such thing as New year, New Me.

“You can’t be a new person every year. You’d have to change everything and be completely different,” said Brannum.

Cora Therber, sophomore, made a New Year’s Resolution focusing on their happiness and self-health.

“My New Year’s Resolution was to do more things that I enjoy with my free time,” said Therber.

Therber has been gradually working on this goal since last year when they realized that they didn’t actively seek out the things they enjoy during their free time. Therber is now focusing their free time on doing the things that bring them joy and allow them to live their life to the fullest.

“I feel like it will just be good for me because it will make my life better and more fun,” said Therber.

Therber thinks most people don’t follow through with their New Year’s Resolutions. However, when people commit to a resolution and focus on it, they can create a lot of positive change within their life.

Paw La La, sophomore, made it her New Year’s resolution to get to bed earlier and procrastinate less on her homework assignments. She made this resolution because she realized that she was always drowsy and unable to focus during class; she needed to make a change.

“I feel like a zombie when I don’t get enough sleep, and I feel like the main reason for that is procrastination,” said La.

La says she was able to keep the resolution for one week, but after that she fell back on her old habits. La doesn’t think New Year’s resolutions are helpful because she makes a similar resolution each year and nothing changes. She also thinks that a New Year isn’t a strong enough force to motivate a significant change in someone’s life.

“I don’t think [New Year’s Resolutions] are helpful because it’s not a force that can help you do something. If you want to do something, you can start at anytime. If you have your heart into it, of course you can accomplish it” said La.

La thinks change has to be motivated from within an individual and not by a change of the year.

“Just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean you are going to change. The year has changed, not you,” said La.

New Years is a time to celebrate a new beginning, to reflect and to revise one’s lifestyle. However, most people make goals that are quickly forgotten because the power to change doesn’t come from the changing of the year, but rather from the determination within. If we focus on obtaining a goal, anything is possible.

There are several good books that focus on how to motivate to achieve goals. Drive by David Pink shares secrets for how to accomplish your goals by focusing on self-actualization. Self-actualization is the human desire to reach the highest standard possible and be the best we can be. Pink’s analysis of motivation can be used by students to help them accomplish their goals such as getting a certain test score and improve their daily satisfaction. Charles Duhigg wrote The Power of Habit, which focuses on using the patterns within our lives to achieve success. Duhigg explains why habits exist and how to change unhealthy habits to promote success. Students can use Duhigg’s advice to break their bad habits such as procrastination that prevent them from succeeding in the classroom.

Whether your New Year’s Resolution has been left in the dust or not, it is never too late for a change. All you have to do is find the motivation within.

Illustration by Ruby Handa