Addams Family Fun

The spring musical, The Addams Family, will premiere April 12, 2018 in Carrboro High’s auditorium. The show features a gothic American family and their daughter’s attempts at love. The cast will feature Zachary Klenke as Gomez, Millie McGuire as Morticia, and Ally Millar as Wednesday, with Lilly Tipton as stage manager. The musical will also feature perfor- mances from the pit orchestra.

The choice of each year’s show is based on past and future shows, as well as student interests. Direc- tor Brett Stegall chose The Addams Family for its contemporary style and the challenge it poses to the actors, musicians and technicians.

The Addams Family fit our theme of ‘Monster of a Season’ and paired nicely with our fall show, She Kills Monsters,” said Stegall, who is also the theatre teacher at Carrboro High.

Led for the first time by Casey Spillman, the pit orchestra will perform songs from the pit under the stage. The musicians will rely on Spillman for cues so that the orchestra and actors are in sync. Kay Johnson, the chorus and orchestra teacher, will also aid the pit from the house, making sure that the orchestra complements the singers.

Johnson depicted the three different worlds a musical creates: the actors on stage, the tech crews behind the scenes and the musicians working in the pit. Although they operate separately, each world is equally important as the other two, and all three must come together in order to make sure the production happens.

The musical features a variety of jokes and songs ranging from goofy to sophisticated. A favorite song of Johnson’s, “Pulled,” offers a good example. To those unfamiliar with the story, it sounds like a traditional love song in which a girl is torn between two lovers. As it turns out, the girl is torturing her brother and, quite literally, pulling him in a new direction.

“It’s really a charming story about love of people and love of people who are different than you might be, and coming to value them for what’s good about them. It’s told in this crazy, outrageous story,” said Johnson about the musical.

The show will run from April 12 through 14 at 7:30 pm. Tickets go on sale for $5 for students, $10 for adults and are free for faculty and staff.