The unnoticed efforts behind state championships

Sports at CHS can get exceedingly competitive at times, especially against rivals East and Chapel Hill High. But most CHS athletes believe that state championships can be the most challenging and exciting time for CHS teams. High school sports teams dream about competing in a state championship, and they put in a lot of work that goes unnoticed by their peers at school.

Over the past two years, volleyball and women’s soccer dominated their competition at states. The varsity volleyball team won back-to-back state championships, going undefeated for the past two years. The women’s soccer team has also won back-to-back state championships and hopes to win another this spring.

Senior Evie Joseph has been on the women’s soccer team through three state championships and describes the surreal feeling of winning states.

“I also love the outpouring of support we get when C-Town comes in full force to cheer us on,” said Joseph.

Other sports, such as lacrosse, have come close to winning states but haven’t achieved the accolade yet. The men’s lacrosse team went to the state championship game two years ago but haven’t made it back since.

“The pressure and atmosphere of playoff games are fun to be a part of. I’m excited to get some W’s,” said sophomore lacrosse player Jonathan Osborne. “I think that we have a legitimate chance to win a state championship this year.”

The swim team is another talented CHS team that has made it to states before. Sophomore Alex Prakken believes that he will make it to his first finals just like many other swimmers on the team this year.

“I think that my relay will help the most because we usually do really well and score for the team,” said Prakken, who swims the 200 medley, 200 and 400 freestyle.

Many athletes at CHS aspire to be the next state champs for their sport and work very extensively in the offseason.

“We have been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we don’t get credit for. It started spring of 2017 for us,” said sophomore basketball player Jared Porter.

Thanks to talented players like Jared Porter and Neel Mahavaden, the men’s basketball team has a good chance at going all the way. Porter loves the atmosphere that the playoffs provide.

”Being able to compete in front of people that have been watching me play for a long time is very exciting,” said Porter.

Winning a state championship is the goal for most athletes at CHS. Every ounce of sweat that goes into their efforts to get there will be put on display during the playoffs and ultimately, the finals.

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