Terrific Times at T-Dance

CHS students looked forward to T-dance since the beginning of the school year; finally, the long awaited T-dance was Saturday, November 18 at the Hope Valley Country Club in Durham.

T-dance is run by a collection of mothers and daughters and is a great opportunity to dance and have fun with friends. It includes Chapel Hill, East Chapel Hill and Carrboro High School, making it the perfect opportunity to see your old middle school and other friends.

Kelley Gosk, a junior who had a great second T-dance, said in an email interview that her favorite thing about T-dance was “dancing with my friends from other schools.”

“It’ll be nice to have a space where we all can dance and have fun together,” said Morgan Jackson, a sophomore who was excited for her first T-dance.

Many students testify that CHS students won’t regret going to T-dance because they are sure to have a fantastic time. 

“[High School dances] are fun and so rare” said Gosk.

“I just think that even if you don’t have a date, you should just go because it’s a time to have fun and it’s not about going with someone else; it is about spending time with people you don’t usually get to spend time with and getting away from school,” said Jackson.

“I’m definitely hoping for some upbeat songs that we can actually dance to,” said Jackson before the dance.

T-dance had hype music and lots of dancing; overall, it was an unforgettable night for all who attended.