She Kills Monsters Killed It

Student’s excitement about She Kills Monsters continues to buzz through CHS hallways after the memorable performance.

She Kills Monsters explores common topics in many high schoolers’ lives: popularity versus geekiness, relationship problems, sibling problems and sexuality. The performance puts a spin on these typical topics by adding fantasy and adventure as the characters travel through the magical world of Dungeons and Dragons. The relationship between the two sisters, Tilly and Agnes, provides insight on the importance of taking time to learn about your loved ones before it’s too late.

Many students dedicated lots of their time and effort into this play through acting, show-running and set design.

The cast has been rehearsing for about two months, and we have all been learning our lines and blocking,” said Rosie Cassidy, a sophomore actor in the play .  

There was a lot to love about the production, but one highlight involved the exciting stage combat.  

My favorite part about the show is pretty much every time there is stage combat, because the music and lights make the scene look really nice,” said Juanita Roncancio, a sophomore actor.

The props, costumes and makeup gave the show a unique touch. Each character had a striking look that complemented their personality.

“The costumes and makeup are very interesting since there is a wide range of looks in the characters of the play,” said Roncancio. “For example, there are people who are using little to no makeup, as well as regular clothes. Some others wear masks and some other characters who wear lots of dark makeup, with wigs, and unique costumes.”

The comedic relief mixed with the unique plot created a captivating performance that always kept the audience laughing.  

Some of the humor was very good. For example, the gelatinous monster and how it swallowed [Steven] and spit out his bones,” said Bar Caspin, a sophomore who came to see She Kills Monsters.

Many students enjoyed the She Kills Monsters performance. The hard work of the performers was evident in the quality of the show; I can’t think of a better way to have spent my Friday night.

The actors on stage during a performance. Photo by Grace Hegland

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