Going for Gold, Again

Those interested in supporting the Carrboro women’s volleyball team can attend the State Championship game on Saturday, November 4 at 2:30 pm at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh.

The players will face West Iredell High. They are optimistic but acknowledge the challenge ahead.

“[West Iredell] is the best team we’ll play all year,” said Emma Fritsch, senior.

Tomorrow’s 2A State Championship game will determine the final score of a 60-0 winning streak the team has accumulated since their sophomore year.

This year’s varsity volleyball roster includes one freshman, three sophomores, two juniors and, making up half the team, six seniors. The seniors, all of whom are captains, attribute much of their accomplishment to the closeness between teammates.

Destiny Cox, Emma Fritsch, Millie McGuire, Sarah Montross, Penny Newall and Kirby Thornton started playing volleyball together as freshman.

“A lot of us have been playing together for such a long time,” said Fritsch. “We have chemistry.”

The bond between the girls stems in part from the family-like atmosphere players and coaches created during practice this season. Each of the six seniors was paired with an underclassman in a “big sister/ little sister” relationship that fostered friendship, support and even “love,” as Thornton put it.

“We’ve been playing for so long and every year the thing that’s kept me going is who I play with. These four years haven’t been about volleyball; they’ve been about family,” said Thornton.

Montross agrees. “It’s so much more than going out and playing volleyball. It’s about who I’m with.”

The team held their last practice of the season on Thursday. For Montross, it was was more sweet than bitter.

“Before we left we had a group hug and ate kit-kats. It was a great way to end being in that gym for four years,” said Montross.

The athletes hope they can carry momentum to tomorrow’s game from winning the State Championship just one year ago. Moreover, the game will be an entirely different experience from that of last year for the team’s seniors, only two of whom plan to continue volleyball at a competitive level in college.

“This is the last big volleyball game I will play,” said Thornton.

The team hopes tomorrow’s game will complete their nearly perfect record over the past four years.

“If we could go out with a win it would be incredible to have that feeling,” said Montross.

No matter the outcome of the championship game, however, the season will come to a close with the blow of the final whistle. While sad to leave, the seniors have a good feeling about the future of Carrboro volleyball.

“I love every girl on our team and I can see where everyone is going to step up [next year],” said Thornton.

Fritsch agrees, and believe their coach, Steve Scanga, will continue to lead the team to victories.

“[Scanga] is amazing and I know he’ll do great with whatever team he has,” said Fritsch.

The team after winning the Regional Championship. Photo Courtesy Sarah Montross

Posted by Hope Anderson

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