An Unlikely Coincidence

Cameron Ferguson is a new teacher in the social studies department. He went to Smith Middle School, where he had Daphne Montoya as his sixth grade math teacher. This year, Montoya passed away, and Ferguson reflects on his memories of her.

“She was a great teacher and that was a great class. I’m not much of a math guy, to be honest, — I’m a social studies teacher now — but she made math really fun,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson distinctly remembers being in Montoya’s class when 9/ll happened. The class was afraid and shocked, but he feels Montoya managed the situation well.

She calmed us down and was very professional and mature. Obviously, it’s a very scary situation when you’re a sixth grader and you’re told your country’s been attacked; you don’t know what to expect,” said Ferguson.

After all the help and support Montoya provided for her students on September 11, 2001, she coincidentally died this year around September 11.

“It’s really interesting how that came full circle” said Ferguson.

Ferguson wishes he could have had the chance to work with Montoya.

“I think it would have been cool for her to see a former student as a teacher now and [for me to] teach alongside her,” said Ferguson. “I wish I had the chance to have worked with her.”