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Free period: first or seventh?

Hope Anderson and Gaby Alfieri. Photo by Mireille Leone

Gaby Alfieri: Seventh

Free-first fanatics present two arguments: extra time in the morning means more time to sleep, or it provides the chance to “start your day off productively.” But let’s be real, y’all—an extra 51 minutes won’t make us any less sleepy, and only a rare and lucky few can function in the morning. Maybe I’d reconsider if a free first meant sleeping until 11:00am.

Hope Anderson: First

Ah, how mornings fill me with joy. Except when they don’t. With a free first, I can have it both ways! The choice is mine every day: wake up early and do whatever I want, or sleep till 9 am. I’d rather lie in bed, sip my coffee, and start my morning relaxed and refreshed than limp through the day, tired and disheveled, until I can finally go home a period early.

Rom-coms: yay or nay?

Anderson: Yay

I like sappy movies: so what? At least I’m not a heartless robot, unlike some people… Movies, TV shows and books all represent escapes into alternate worlds. I’m sorry your escape is into a tragic cerebral tale about the complexities of human sorrow, or whatever. Mine is into a semi-believable land where true love is real and every ending is happy, and that’s fine by me. We all need a little idealism in our lives sometimes.

Alfieri: 74% nay, 26% yay

You want an escape? Go kayaking. Don’t kill brain cells watching Love Actually or Bridget Jones’s Diary. I can admit that, when done right, rom-coms are equally pleasurable and poignant. But beware: excessive sentiment can, and usually does, characterize this genre. There’s a fine line, folks, between sweet and stupid.

Birkenstocks: yay or nay?

Alfieri: Heck nay

Save yourself the $90—buy two of the ugliest belts you can find and wrap them around a bulky slab of rubber. I guarantee it will look exactly the same.

Anderson: Heck yay

Let’s cut to the chase: Birkenstocks are comfortable. Good arch support is hard to come by, and I’ll choose my “Jesus sandals” over a twisted ankle any day.

E-wing or D-wing?

Anderson: This is a stupid question.

Alfieri: D-wing, obviously

What a great question! The D-wing is a truly majestic place. Southern exposure and classrooms filled with novels—what more could you need? You can curl up with a good book and enjoy the natural light pouring through the windows. Not to mention, Ms. Rubenstein is in the D-wing. ‘Nuff said.

Fall or spring?

Alfieri: Spring

Fall itself is great, but the inevitable doom of winter looms ahead. The temperatures drop with every passing day, and the chill to our bones reminds us that, much like the leaves on trees, we too shall fall. Never forget that. In spring, flowers blossom and strawberries grow, and you can rest easy knowing you have many months before winter steals your soul.

Anderson: Fall

Fall is like Spring but with Halloween and prettier trees. Every November, I look forward to breathing in that cool, crisp, pollen-free air once again. In the Fall months, I enjoy a respite from the humid, muggy heat of Spring and Summer, without the ice and arctic temperatures of Winter. What’s more, as the weather cools down, the bugs go into hiding. What more can you ask for from a season?

Posted by Hope Anderson

Hope Anderson, senior, is a Senior Editor and a waffle enthusiast. In her spare time she watches British dramas and eats off-brand organic snack products.