Donut dilemma

Krispy Kreme, in my personal opinion, is the reigning champion and best donut chain is home to America’s favorite donuts. Established in 1937, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Krispy Kreme’s delicious donuts are at the heart of every American. It’s “rival,” Dunkin Donuts, is the home of stale donuts that taste like bread. And, unlike Krispy Kreme, their donuts do not melt in your mouth.

Not to mention, Krispy Kreme donuts are made right in front of you along a chain that children and families can watch while they eat. Dunkin Donuts are shipped from factories and then put in shelves just to sit and wait a while before anyone actually wants them.

A fond memory I have is going to Krispy Kreme early in the morning before school with my sister and father. When we walked in, delicious smells wafted from the kitchen.

Families like mine have been going to Krispy Kreme for generations. From birthday parties to silly occasions, you can even wear Krispy Kreme paper hats.

Krispy Kreme is also a part of American culture. Their boxes and special occasion donuts symbolize what America is about. For every holiday, Krispy Kreme releases colorful themed donuts. But where are the black and orange sprinkled Dunkin Donuts? The holiday boxes? The truth is, Dunkin Donuts needs to get its act together if they even want to compare to Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme also cares about students and wants them to do well. For every A a student earns, they can get a free donut!

Carrboro and Chapel Hill citizens need to bring back Krispy Kreme to our triangle. Krispy Kreme is more than a donut shop; they care about you, they bring together communities, and most importantly, they satisfy your tastebuds.