CHS receives sixth consecutive Wells Fargo Cup

Last Friday, September 22, Carrboro High school received their sixth consecutive Wells Fargo Cup. The Wells Fargo Cup represents excellence in sports, academics, leadership and sportsmanship.  

Beverly Rudolph, principal of CHS, expressed how this cup represented the school.

“I think it shows the diversity of our athletes and how we’re not good at just one sport, and it shows how our kids are just good student athletes, and we have character, and it represents good student athletes and coaches,” said Rudolph.

Destiny Cox, a current senior volleyball player, values the role she has played in helping win this cup.

“It feels really good to win and play a sport that I love with people that I love and to represent. It feels good winning another Wells Fargo cup knowing that I did something to contribute to it,” said Cox.

Modesta Hurd felt honored to present the cup on behalf of Wells Fargo Banking.

“It feels amazing to be a part of an organization such as Wells Fargo and to be able to support the schools and athletes and give to the children is really inspiring,” said Hurd.

CHCCS holds annual college fair

Local high schoolers and their parents crowded the Dean Dome on Tuesday, September 19, for the 2017 College Fair. The CHCCS event featured representatives from over 100 schools, including community, public and private colleges.

While North Carolina schools comprised the majority of displays, students wishing to venture out of NC had plenty of options. Most out-of-state displays represented neighboring states like South Carolina and Virginia, but recruiters came from as far as Colorado and Indiana.

Recruiters informed families of their respective schools’ programs and answered questions. Leah Abrams, a CHS alum, was there to recruit for Duke University.

“I came to this college fair when I was a junior,” said Abrams. “It really kind of sparked my interest in Duke, and I wanted to do that for other students from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro district.”

Though not promoting a specific college, organizations like the College Foundation of North Carolina guided attendees through the applications for admission and financial aid.

Event organizers hope the fair provided insight into the college process and the many schools to which students can apply.