PDA: no way!

School starts on August 29 and ends June 9. That is exactly 284 days out of a 365-day year. Of those 284 days, there are 204 weekdays and 40 weekends.

That means you have at least 40 weekends to spend with your significant other outside of school, sparing people from seeing your very public—and unwelcome—displays of affection.

Public displays of affection (PDA) have been shown in movies, television shows and social media throughout history in exaggerated ways.

From the famous Titanic kiss scene to lovey-dovey couples on Instagram, this exposure to excessive amounts of PDA has normalized the act, making kids think it’s okay to smother their lovers in school.

But, honestly, it’s just cringy, inappropriate and makes people uncomfortable.

At CHS, there is no doubt that some couples are very confident in their relationships and often express that confidence by being very physical with each other in plain sight.

“Whenever I walk out of class, I often see couples who are too close for comfort, and it makes me feel super uncomfortable. Honestly, it makes me not want to be in that area of the school,” said Kelley Gosk, sophomore.

Usually, I wouldn’t mind if I accidentally see someone kissing, but it happens everyday, and on multiple occasions, PDA has turned my daily school experience from semi-positive to gross.

Once, it was raining pretty hard, and I had all my electronics with me in my backpack. Like most underclassmen, I have to take the bus home, so I did a little half-jog to my bus from the the school, only to end up soaking wet because a couple was standing in front of my bus kissing.

While I’m sure it was a very Nicholas Sparks-like moment for the couple, it was an annoying obstacle that made me cold and threatened the life of my laptop.

Before you assume that I’m a terrible person or the Grinch of love, let me explain. A quick peck in between classes or a hug is totally acceptable and potentially cute.

However, if you and your girl- or boy- friend are walking slowly down the hallway holding hands, batting your eyes at one another and blocking people from getting to class, it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed.

Affection in private is sweet, but in public settings it can be obnoxious and irritating—even hazardous at times. School is a place for learning, not a place for romantic interaction.

So next time you and your special partner decide to profess your love for one another publicly, try to be a little more considerate of people like me, who don’t want to be your involuntary third wheel.

Posted by Olivia Weigle

Olivia, sophomore staff writer, enjoys listening to throwback music from the 2000s, eating ice cream, and taking long walks on the beach.