New Faces of SGA

Niya Fearrington – Student Body President

Carrboro’s first African-American Student Body President Niya Fearrington described her victory as “monumental.” She hopes her success will help others follow in her footsteps.

“I hope that I’ve set a precedent for other minorities to become more involved in student affairs and even run for student government, because that diversity was very much lacking,” said Fearrington.

Fearrington’s first priority next year will be making sure every student feels involved in the school. She plans on reducing language barriers by hiring students to translate student-government flyers.

Fearrington appreciates student government for giving her an opportunity to become more involved in the Carrboro community, something she felt she lacked her freshman year before joining.


Mackenzie Cox – Vice President

Mackenzie Cox, next year’s Vice President, is excited to be a part of a new phase of SGA. She has an optimistic message to students.

“Be ready for student government. Be ready because it’s not going to be a student government you’ve seen before,” said Cox.

Cox is ready to push for more SGA engagement with everyday students. She envisions a school where representatives regularly check in with students at their lunch tables and ask if there’s anything they need.

It was an example of this friendliness that inspired Cox to join SGA. When she came to Carrboro, Cox didn’t know many of her freshman classmates. Encouragement from an SGA member quelled her nerves and inspired her to try to make others feel the same sense of welcome she did.

Cameron Farrar – Treasurer

Cameron Farrar explained that though she was happy to win her race for Treasurer, she felt more excited at the time about Fearrington’s presidential victory.

“I think this is a really big turning point for Carrboro,” said Farrar.

Farrar chose to become involved in SGA because of its voice.

“When you bring together the class senators and the four elected officers you have a megaphone to tell students about what’s going on at Carrboro,” said Farrar.

One way Farrar plans to use SGA’s influence is to fundraise in conjunction with the Junior Class Council in order to offset the cost of prom tickets.

Currently a Junior Senator, next year will be Farrar’s second year in SGA. She wishes people knew that they don’t have to be in SGA all their life to run for an elected position.


Tommy Holt – Secretary

Tommy Holt, Carrboro’s 2017-18 Secretary, joined SGA because he had friends he looked up to in the program. He also recognizes the benefits SGA events bring to Carrboro and hopes to increase participation.

“If you go to the events there are the same students at every one and you want different people to go,” said Holt.

Holt’s message is that SGA should be a place where everyone feels included and welcome.

“Student government is for everyone,” said Holt.

Creating an environment where everyone feels included requires collaboration between student representatives and SGA advisor Jamie Schendt. Holt appreciates everything Schendt does for SGA. He described the advisor as some-
one who works tirelessly for the school but is also really approachable.

Feature Image: Niya Fearrington.  Photos by Levi Hencke and Mireille Leone


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