Hot activities this summer

In the heat of summer, it can be difficult to to stay active. If you hate the gym or prefer organized exercise, here’s how you can work out over break.

Pick up sports with friends (i.e. basketball)

Playing a pickup sport with your friends is fun, even in the summer. If you like competition in task test sports, motivating yourself to go the gym can be impossible — what’s the point if you’re not going to win? By playing a sport with your friends, you can be as competitive as you want, have a lot of fun and burn a ton of calories in the heat.


Running in the heat is brutal, but it rips the “I need to exercise” band-aid off faster than any other exercise. Running is high intensity, which means however long you decide to run you’ll feel refreshed and accomplished after.

The gym (yoga, crossfit, zumba classes)

Escaping the heat is essential when you’re trying to exercise in the summer. If you’re someone who likes going to the gym, you can take yoga, zumba or pilates classes. If you don’t like classes, getting a gym membership would keep you active with the machines and equipment they have.

Non-competitive activities (swimming, biking)

There is nothing like cooling off in the pool during the summer. The relief of jumping in a pool in 100 degree weather should be enough motivation to start swimming laps. There are many pools in the Chapel Hill, including The Chapel Hill Tennis Club. In order to use the pool, you must have a membership or pay $5. Another pool you can go to is located at Hargraves Community Center, which offers different passes depending on age and the amount of time the pass will be used. You’ll feel cool, relaxed and already have exercise for the day! Similar to swimming, biking is self-rewarding. The faster you go and the harder you work, the more wind that blows in your face to cool you off.

Posted by Flora Devonport

Flora, the senior staff writer, enjoys the beach and Netflix.