Grad policies face future changes

Carrboro High School graduation policies are changing for the upcoming school year. Next year will be the first year that CHS valedictorians won’t give speeches during the official graduation ceremony at the Dean Dome.

At CHS, valedictorians are students who have received a 4.0 unweighted average throughout all four years in high school and have not taken any classes for a pass/fail grade. In the past, the administration would allow each valedictorian to give a short speech during the graduation ceremony.

However, with the recent change in the grading scale from a seven-point scale to a ten-point scale, the number of valedictorian positions has rapidly increased according to Dr. LaVerne Mattocks, CHS Principal.

In 2016, only eight students were named valedictorian, a stark contrast to the 22 whom the school will honor this year.

Because of this increase, CHCCS decided to create a new ceremony, honoring the individuals for each school.

“It has become a technical reason for us needing to change the ceremony. We need to sort out goals, either represent and honor the valedictorian students’ high achievements or to have each student give a one minute speech that’s crammed,” said Dr. Mattocks.

Next year, CHS will hold a special ceremony at the school strictly for valedictorians, and families can attend. This will give recognition to all valedictorians without taking time away from the general graduation for all CHS seniors.

Previous graduations featured speeches from valedictorians, but this will change next year. Photo courtesy Adam Alfieri

Posted by Olivia Weigle

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