Dear Jagwire Judy…

“How/why do you stay motivated senior year?” Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Honey, you deserve a congratulations. You’ve worked really hard over the last three and a half years; buy yourself a slice of cake and celebrate that.

Nevertheless, you are most certainly not allowed to give up. Keep your grades close to what they typically are. Even if you’re already accepted to college admissions committees CAN and WILL reconsider you if your grades drop significantly.

Make sure this doesn’t happen by setting clear goals. Tell yourself (or better, write down) the grade you need for each class this last quarter.

On a more positive note, try to find one thing each day to look forward to. Maybe it’s where you’re planning to go for lunch or the fact that you finally remembered to charge your phone. Similarly, you can end the day by listing the best two or three moments. This will boost your mood and give you reasons to keep showing up to school.

For the times you decide to do your homework, increase your productivity by keeping your study space clean. I know those piles of clothes are “part of your organization system,” but I find it impossible to concentrate if my room is a mess. At the very least clean your desk. You’ll be surprised at how less stressed and overwhelmed you feel.

Finally, instead of thinking about how long you’ve been here, think about how little time you have left. Not that there’s anything wrong with high school, but it’s a big world out there, and you’re so close to being a part of that!

Take care,

Jagwire Judy

“In class all anyone does is talk. It’s not actual conversations that bug me; it’s the little hum or murmur of all the small conversations that I cannot deal with. I can’t hear myself think or focus on anything, because the people around me won’t shut up. Help, please.” Can’t hear myself think

Dear Can’t,

The best thing to do is to eliminate unnecessary noise all together. If everyone is working on individual assignments your classroom should be very quiet. Sweetheart, it’s more than reasonable to nicely asking the people around you to quiet down if they are being too loud.

However, I can absolutely understand if this makes you uncomfortable. You can also talk to your teachers outside of class and tell them how this noise bothering you.

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s nothing we can do about those around us. Listening to music always helps me study in a noisy environment. Personally it’s easier to focus with classical music or jazz because I’m not distracted by the lyrics, but use whatever works for you. If this sounds helpful I recommend the Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify. It’s gorgeous, dear.

Some people prefer white noise to music. If that’s you, Coffitivity is a fantastic site. There you can listen to background sounds from a variety coffee shops while you work.

Good luck, darling.

Take care,

Jagwire Judy

Posted by Hope Anderson

Hope Anderson, senior, is a Senior Editor and a waffle enthusiast. In her spare time she watches British dramas and eats off-brand organic snack products.