Cleanup on aisle C-town

It’s 12:18. You’re rushing to the commons to be first in line to use the microwave, or to get your favorite high table for you and your friends. The commons begins to fill, and with it comes the inevitable trash, crumbs and spills associated with lunch.

While we as students try our best to clean up after ourselves, most of the time we rely on the custodial staff to help us out. Even though custodians like Clifton Copeland and Thweet Maung spend their days keeping our school clean, a lot of their hard work is taken for granted.

Thweet Maung is one of the head custodians at Carrboro High. Maung has worked here since February of 2009. His favorite part of his job is his daily routine.

“My favorite part is pulling up the flag in the morning, and walking around the building, opening up the building. I like everything,” said Maung.

Next month will mark Maung’s eighth year working at CHS. This is his first job since moving to the U.S.

Before coming to America, Maung worked as a professional photographer, shooting things like weddings and graduations. He said that one day he would like to continue with photography.

Maung’s favorite color is blue, and his food of choice is Thai, because of the various use of spices.

Clifton Copeland III is also one of the head custodians at Carrboro. Mr. Copeland has worked in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school system for about 16 years. However, he has only worked at Carrboro for the past two years. Previously, Copeland worked at McDougle Middle School and Seawell Elementary. But, according to him, CHS is the best school at which he’s worked.

“Carrboro is my favorite; [there’s a] different environment,” said Copeland. “Everything is cool. Everybody is cool.”

Copeland isn’t just skilled as a janitor, however. He has myriad interesting jobs under his belt, including working as a pizza maker, a custodian at a women’s college in Connecticut, in a dishroom, and in the emergency rooms at a hospital.

Additionally, Mr. Copeland is a church deacon, and loves to eat Chinese food with his wife. His favorite color is blue. With years of experience in various places, Mr. Copeland has many interesting stories to tell.

His favorite part of working at CHS? Helping clean the school for the students. “I like to see everybody recognizing that the place is clean,” said Copeland. “I appreciate the place being clean, for the students.”

Posted by Chelsea Ramsey

Chelsea is Editor-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year. She is an avid reader.