Why the Extra Five Minutes?

With shorter breaks and longer instructional time, many students question the need to make up recent snow days. High schools now let out at 3:55, five minutes later than in previous years, and all CHCCS students had a shorter winter break. The question on many students’ minds: if not to prevent inclement weather days, what purpose do these changes serve?

District officials expressed their reasoning in a recent email statement. Until this academic year, elementary and middle school instructional time was longer than that of district high schools. Adding five minutes ensures equal time to learn.

The extra five minutes will also serve as a last resort for inclement weather, only if all other make-up options are exhausted. “This was done to minimize the possibility of holding school on Saturday or Memorial Day, as was the case in the 2014-15 school year,” said the statement.

With regard to winter break, the district explained that the change in length is not tied to inclement weather days. Rather, all school systems must comply with North Carolina’s requirements for academic year length.  

The email statement concluded with an expression of frustration with current legislation, with CHCCS leaders hoping to regain control over their academic calendar. Said the email statement, “With local control we could build in inclement weather days at times when it would be much less disruptive.”

Frustrated parents and students can express their concerns to the NC General Assembly.


Posted by Gaby Alfieri

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