Third Time’s The Charm

The Lady Jaguars’ volleyball team defeated Maiden in the state championship at NCHSAA 2A Division match.

“It was a long time coming,” senior Christine Alcox said.

The game took place at the recently renovated Reynolds Coliseum at North Carolina State University.

The score of the championship game was 3-1 and the Jaguars won the first, second and last set against Maiden.

“One of my favorite two hours of my life,” senior Elizabeth Ollila said, describing the state championship game.

It started of with a head start for the Maiden team but Carrboro quickly recovered the crucial first set.

“We had gotten all of our nerves out and it was time to play hard” Ollila said, regarding the second set.

Despite winning the first two sets, the Maiden team took the third set.

The game finished up at the fourth set when Carrboro claimed the championship.

“We weren’t playing around anymore” Ollila said.

Although they finished with a perfect season with a record of 30-0, the season was not focused solely on winning States. They wanted to redeem themselves from the previous seasons.

“Everyone was focused on getting at least to state championship game” senior Christine Alcox said.

The win came as a result of a change of mindset from the team as a whole, following the two previous seasons ending at the final four stage.

Ollila accounted the triumph to the lack of a hierarchy on the team.

“[The coach] formed team bonding and made good coaching moves” Ollila said.

Seniors Elizabeth Ollila, Zoe Hurwitz, Grace Maggiore, Christine Alcox and Diana Alcox concluded their season, as they finish up their high school volleyball career.

The team comes together after winning a point. Photos courtesy News and Observer

Three seniors decided to extend their volleyball careers to play in college.

Maggiore committed to play at Franklin and Marshall College.

Christine and Diana Alcox committed to North Carolina Central University to play volleyball.

Posted by Cinthya Plazas

Cinthya Plazas is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the JagWire.