CHS community shares equity struggles

The Jagwire spoke to various students and teachers to ask for their opinions on how CHS deals with the issue of racism. From personal experiences to insight as a seasoned edu- cator at Carrboro High School, each individual shed light on their views of how discrimination has affected education in 2016. Here is what they have to say:

“It’s the little stuff that the kids don’t realize, no matter your race. It can be intentional or hidden stuff. And that’s the stuff a lot of other students don’t see, like not getting something, people trying not to sit next to one another, and it’s not all verbal. Not everyone who has a Confederate flag is a racist. You just gotta trust people and give everybody the chance, but you still got to have your radar on.” – Melvin Griffin

“I can’t speak for all black people in general; I can literally only speak for myself. But I’ve been told [by people at CHS] that I ‘shouldn’t just try to be in class with my friends,’ even though I had in fact applied several times to be in higher level classes… This sends the message that I don’t have any white friends, and I focus my academic career on social life, not excelling. There have been multiple occur- rences of having to prove myself as a black woman.” – Cameron Farrar

“I do think it is important to be more explicit with talking about race. I think often times the students have this perspective that we, the teach- ers, don’t know there’s a problem. But that’s just not true. One thing I really want to stress is that it does take a lot of willingness to be open and honest about the problems that we have. We all have to recognize that every single one of us in the building has in some way contributed to it.” – Jamie Schendt

“Microaggression is a really big problem and I think people do it so unintentionally that they don’t realize, and one thing is like, ‘Oh, you speak so well.’ Or a lot of teachers will ask, ‘Do you live with your mom?’ And those are just things I think that a lot of people of color deal with on a daily basis… I don’t want to say that we’re not socially accepted, but there are these automatic assumptions that a lot of people have in the back of their minds.” – Diamond Blue

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